Cape Verde

12 January 2013





Last week I returned back from a gorgeous holiday to the Cape Verde Islands. Most people have since asked me where these islands actually are, and they're off the west coast of Africa, further down from the Canary Islands. This means you can go any time of year, January to December and be guranteed 30 degree weather, and textbook beaches and there's no jet was a total win in my eyes. I stayed on the main island of Sal - there's not much there, but the scenery is beautiful and the people are lovely. The islands also have good winds so if you like watersports then you're sorted for windsurfing and the like. Hopefully you get a jist of the what the islands are like from the photos above. If you need a holiday away to genuinely do nothing but read, relax, get a tan and enjoy yourself, look into Cape Verde...I'd recommend it!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. oh wow it looks beautiful!! sometimes its good to have a relaxed holiday :) xx

  2. Hope you had a lovely time! You deserved it :) looks beautiful! xx

  3. Cape Verde looks so beautiful and heard nothing but good things about the islands! My best friend went on her honeymoon there in November and raved about it when she got back. I hope you both had a lovely holiday! Your hotel looks amazing! :) xxx

  4. The beach looks so pretty. I really want to go on holiday now!

    Jackie @

  5. Ahhh I have heard many good things about Cape Verde, and now I know why = looks absolutely stunning :)

  6. Looks like a wonderful holiday destination. I will have to look its when I'm next organising a trip away.

  7. Looks lovely, glad you had a good, relaxing time & that deployment is over :) x

  8. Wow, it looks stunning. And like you had the whole beach to yourselves!

  9. The first two photos look so peaceful. Looks like a beautiful place!

  10. wow this looks so beautiful and relaxing! its crazy that somewhere can be so hot when it's so cold in the UK!

  11. YOU LUCKY THINGS! Such a perfect idea to get away together after all that time apart (I don't know how you did it!) and what a beautiful holiday it was! The pictures are amazing... I can't wait for Summer here so I can get my ass to the beach (beach, lets go get away....) xx

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