A Quick 'Get Ready With Me' | Vlogmas Day 5

6 December 2013

Believe it or not, this is my first time doing a 'Get Ready With Me' video. I may do a full length one once Vlogmas is over as it was good fun, so feedback would be great! 

Just a quick thank you to everyone who has been watching my Vlogmas uploads so far. My YouTube channel doesn't have masses of subscribers, but I really do enjoy vlogging and editing them, and I've really loved the whole process so far. So big hugs to everyone who has watched so far - 20 days to go!!

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Vlogmas Day 4

5 December 2013

I love it when you get an opportunity at work that's different from your every day job. My colleague Katrina and I were invited to be guest speakers at a school to talk about what we do, working in the leisure and tourism industry, and to set the kids a challenge to win some prizes. Of course, there was fun and games before any of this started, involving lots of singing in the car and me driving in all the wrong directions.

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Vlogmas Day 3

4 December 2013

When you are missing substantial use of one arm due to an injury, driving gets pretty difficult. So I called upon a colleague and friend who lives a few roads down to see if he could give me lift to work. I wasn't prepared for the singing, dancing and general banter that would commence. After a full day at work, who wouldn't want to go and listen to the fire alarm be tested on the Nemesis Inferno rollercoaster? All in the life of Tamsin eh?

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November Favourites

3 December 2013

As part of Vlogmas Day 2, I decided to incorporate my November Favourites into the whole shabang. There's only a few to speak of, as I've been trying to be good with as we're getting near to the run up to Christmas, but they are definitely a few good ones worth speaking about.

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Vlogmas Day 1

2 December 2013

Yes, yes, I'm another blogger/vlogger doing Vlogmas too. I just cannot help myself. I want to get all into the Christmassy spirit onto my camera and share it with you all, and that surely can't be a bad thing? During Vlogmas, I will be uploading a video every day to YouTube so I can share with you a variety of my daily goings on, tags and fun events. There will be a couple of days where I cannot upload every day as I will be away (one of which is Disneyland Paris...ohhh yes) but there will be a double upload the day I'm back - how exciting.

Today's Vlogmas Day 1 video is a little intro to the month - grab a mulled wine and mince pie, remember to subscribe to my channel, and I'm looking forward to taking you along with me in December :)

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Vlog: Magic Pass Fun

26 November 2013


Being a tourist in my own city is one of my favourite things to do. I feel so unbelievably blessed to have lived and breathed London since I was born, and I can't imagine being away from it for long. A lot of Londoners actually become quite immune to the City. My dad is one of these people. After working there since the day he left University at 21, he doesn't see people or buildings any more. He just sees commuting, transport and crowds. We need to learn to appreciate all we have, and I think being a tourist is just the way to do this. London is unbelievably full of history and there is so much to learn. So much, that I don't think we could ever soak it all in. In the mean time, we can put on our sightseeing glasses and spend a full day enjoying what our City has to offer.

On Saturday, Gemma and I decided to do just this. As a Merlin employee, we're fortunate enough to get free tickets to all Merlin attractions, so we decided to have an attraction day and visit Madame Tussauds, the London Dungeons and the London Eye - trust me, it can be done! I hadn't actually been to Madame Tussauds in years, so lots had changed and I got to meet my number one man..Daniel Craig. I also hadn't been to the London Dungeons since it moved this Summer from its old home on Tooley Street to the Southbank, squashed in between the Aquarium and the London Eye. I can confirm it was brilliant and I really felt my company had done loads to make it an even better experience. Of course, the London Eye was just beautiful, and despite having gone on it a number of times, it only seems to get more fascinating around this time of year with all the Christmas lights everywhere.

My vlog of the day is below - if you'd like to watch more of my videos, remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Hope you all enjoy and it puts you firmly in the Christmas spirit..less than a month to go!

-Tamsin xxx

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Max's Pet Gift Guide

5 November 2013

As soon as Halloween is out of the way and the cold slap of November hits, I start getting all jittery thinking about Christmas, mince pies, watching The Muppets Christmas Carol on repeat, singing carols, and buying presents. I'm one of those people who loves seeing the look on peoples faces on Christmas day when they receive something heartfelt and meaningful. I've got my list prepared to start buying already - it's true. Hashtag organisation. Now my dawg Max can't buy presents (the difficulties of not having opposable thumbs and all...) but he certainly likes receiving presents. Buying gifts for our animals are just as important in our family - they're just as much a member of our family as anybody else, so the gifts flow for them too. John Lewis recently got in touch and asked Max to put together together a gift guide of pet presents he'd like to receive, and he was happy to oblige.

Over to Max.

'Hey Little Glitter readers. This is my first chance writing on Tamsin's blog and it's about time too. Personally, I know nothing of make-up, fashion and lifestyle (other than finding the cosiest place to sleep and making sure my coat is nice and glossy) but I can always recommend a gift or two for my fellow canine friends. Toys? I've chewed 'em. Clothes? I've worn 'em (don't judge...I'm masculine and I like to wear clothes. Don't hate me cos you aint me.) Treats? I've eaten 'em. And now I'm here to give you my fav pick of the bunch from John Lewis.




Firstly, a coat is needed. I'm only little and I can get quite cold, as well as muddy (short like my ma!) but style is still important guys. Don't let your standards slip! Personally, I've been loving this Barbour jacket. Not only is it red (which compliments my fur colour) but it's waterproof too which is great for when I like to run through every puddle in sight. My family are big wearers of the classic Barbour coat, so it means I match as well. Gotta keep standards high. You can see me styling it above. My Siamese cat brother tried to steal the limelight..sorry about that.


Secondly, you need the tools to look good. Some animals hate it, but I love it. A brush needs to be involved guys. I picked out this Rosewood Double Sided Grooming brush for just the job. It's a 2in1 tool - one side to make sure my coat is tangle free, and then the other side to smooth it all down. It's all very L'Oreal - I'm totally worth it.


Next on the list is a treat or two. All dogs deserve them. Even scary dogs twice the size of me. Instead of the standard treats, I suggest you step it up a notch. It is Christmas after all. Go for this Gourmet Pheasant Flavoured Nylabone. It tastes just like the real thing (you can't fool me Ma...it's good but I know it's not real) and it lasts for ages and keeps my teeth shiny and clean. I'd highly recommend buying your dog one of these - it's better me to be chewing this than the furniture right? yerrrr that's what I thought.


Finally, you need something to store the treats in. It's happened before when my Ma didn't hide my treats very well - I managed to find them and eat the whole bag. We both learned lessons - I learned that a whole bag of treats taste lip smacking good but mean I will probably be sick after (and that my Ma isn't happy about the state of the carpet..oops) and Ma learned to hide them away. I suggest this Pet Treat Tin. It'll keep all treats fresh and tasty, and stops wandering paws like mine getting involved with secret eating.

I hope I've managed to give you all ideas of what you could buy for your canine friends this Christmas. All us dogs deserve to be pampered and chill for a day.... ok maybe we chill most days, but who can blame us?'

Max (and Tamsin) xxx

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London Retro 'Portland' Glasses

25 October 2013



Accessories wise, glasses are my favourite. They completely change an outfit and the shape of your face, and quite frankly, I love the way that glasses are cool again. Glasses will always beat contact lenses for me. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 15 as I have astigmatism, and since then, I'm always on the lookout for a gorgeous pair of glasses. Generally, not many people will see me wear my glasses, as I usually only wear them at home or when my eyes are particularly tired (cough..hangover..cough) but it doesn't stop me wanting My Optique got in contact recently letting me know about their new London Retro Metropolitan Collection, and I was excited to try out a pair.

I decided to try the Portland shape. Even though these were meant for men, I don't think it matters at all. The website has the glasses dimensions on so you can check they will fit ok, and with a choice of black or tortoiseshell frames, they'd look good on anyone. The Portland shape indeed have a retro feel about them, without being too over the top, and I adore the square frame. I find that more square-ish frames are the most complimentary for my face, and the tortoiseshell just give a bit of an interesting spin. They're comfortable, easy to wear, and look classy with everything. They even give my favourite Calvin Klein glasses a run for their money!

This A/W collection (known as the Metropolitan Collection) is based upon iconic tube stations dotted around London. Personally, I love anything that links to London and I love the choice of names. Each frame shape has its own name such as Piccadilly, Bakerloo etc, and I think they capture so many different peoples personalities. With the glasses, you get a protective case and cleaning cloth, as well as the frames being scratch resistant and having anti-reflective lenses. They add on any prescription or you can have blank lenses if you're all about the fashion statements. Starting from £79 and including free delivery, they're a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Move over Specsavers. London Retro are calling.

-Tamsin xxx

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Sunday Details

2 October 2013











Sunday is one of my favourite days of the week. After the busy working week, Saturday is more of a 'must-do-things-I-enjoy-and-lots-of-it-all-at-once' day, and usually ends up as tiring as a weekday for me. I don't lay in - I like to get up, do things, shop, drive, see people etc. Sunday however is a different story. For me, this is my lie in day, followed by a chilled morning, a lazy dog walk with Max, watching the same programmes or movies you've seen 40 times before on the sofa with a blanket, and then floating to the table for a Sunday Roast, eating it in delight, and then rolling (literally) back to the sofa for more tv (preferably Downton Abbey) and feeling very cosy and happy indeed.

This Sunday was no different. After a nice lay in, I settled down for a snuggle in bed with Max, catching up with blogs and eating porridge. Then I threw on the country casuals and a Barbour coat and went on a lovely wander with Max through the fields. Max decided that it would be his life ambition to catch every leaf that blew past us - I'm sure you'll believe me when I say that nomatter how hard he tried, he wasn't going to succeed! I love how we're currently in the 'multi-colour' stage of Autumn. All the leaves are different shades, and look beautiful with the clash of the red berries on the hedges. Beautiful. Then followed picking vegetables from our allotment for a huge roast dinner with the whole family - you name it, my parents grow it, and in their house, everything is home-made. My mum is one of those traditionalists. After a lovely meal, a glass of wine or two, it was time to hit the sofa again for more tv. All in all, a perfect Sunday.

-Tamsin xxx

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Upload: What's In My Makeup Bag?

29 September 2013


I try to carry as little makeup around with me as possible. Carrying too much around in my bag winds me up, so I aim to only have essentials. My Michael Kors makeup bag suits me just fine. It looks tiny, but actually holds a substantial amount and gets me through the day without having to carry my whole makeup collection around with me. Watch on to find out what I take with me to work or when I'm out for the day, as well as catching up with little Max dawg.

Remember to watch in HD!

If you enjoy my uploads (including beauty, vlogs, fashion, day trips and cameos from Max!) then make sure you subscribe to my channel for more :)

-Tamsin xxx

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Running Countdown

28 September 2013

I wasn't going to blog today, but last night when I was lying in bed, I made a promise to myself, and one way to keep this promise is to write it down. This way, I will be less likely to fail as I'm a competitive person and hate to lose, especially when I let myself down. So what is this promise? I will start from the beginning.


I used to go to the gym almost every day, and I loved it. I love the buzz you get from the gym, and feeling so powerful after a really good session. I do a mixture of everything when I workout - cardio, weights, stretches, as well as classes. But its the cardio I really wanted to push myself with. I've never been a long distance runner - give me the 100 metres in the school sports day and I bomb it down that track, but long distance? It's just something I've never been able to grasp, however I got better at it, albeit very slowly. When I started teaching, I was so busy I lost all ability to get to the gym. It sounds ridiculous, but whenever I look back at those years, I realise how little personal time I gave myself, and that is truly dangerous. We all need time to break away from our jobs and the stress of deadlines, but I didn't let myself, and it's one of the reasons I left that profession and am now in a different role completely.

Since changing careers, I now have that time back. We've been settled in our new place for 2 months now and I am truly happy with my life, something I can openly say with real truth for the first time in two years. So now, I need to find that gym, and I need to work on that running. I know it will be hard getting back into it all, but I love a challenge. Seeing as Christmas is not long away (believe me, it really isn't far away!) I've decided that as of 1st October, I'm going to start my 'Running Countdown'. I'm going to try and get to the gym 5 times a week, and I'm going to push myself with the running machine. Hopefully, by December 25th, I will be able to run further than I've been able to in 2 years, and hopefully lose some weight on the way. So on Monday, I'm going to walk up to my local gym and sign on the dotted line and get back into those running shoes. That's the hardest bit by far. Promising yourself you're going to do it. After that, it will be hard, but at least I've taken the first step.

If you have any running programmes or running app recommendations, please do link me to them!

-Tamsin xxx

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Pawsie - Onesies for your Pooch!

26 September 2013

Max loves to wear clothes - it's true..he's a bit of a fashionista. In all honesty, a lot of people give me an eyebrow raise when Max wears jumpers or coats, but the truth is, he's only little. He really does get chilly on walks, and wearing coats or jumpers make cleaning him a lot easier after a muddy walk in the park. Yes I know he's a Jack Russell, and yes I know he's a guy dog, but there's something lovely about Max wearing his little wax Barbour jacket, or when he dons his home-knitted Royal Navy jumper complete with Union Flag buttons.


When Pawsie offered Max the chance to try one of their onesie's, I was all for that like a tramp on chips. Onesie's for dogs?! A DOG wearing a ONESIE?! Yes yes yes yes. Max was pretty up for it too. We browsed the website together, and decided to go for the Classic Grey Onesie. It's very Winter chic and looking ahead to the Christmas period, thought it would fit in perfectly so Max could join us for a brandy and a mince pie whilst watching Elf.



So how does a dog onesie work? I know, I know, I thought the same. It's hard enough getting in and out of my Minnie Mouse onesie with two legs, but imagine having four very little, stick like legs. Pawsie have this covered - each onesie has poppers on the chest area and belly area so you can slot their legs through and then pop the onesie together easily and comfortably. With a mixture of jersey material and soft fluffy blanket material, it's super soft and warming for your pooch. There's also the addition of a furry hood - this has been one of our highlights and we love tucking Max's ears in so he looks rather Chihuahua-esque and like an 'eski-dog'. There's also ample room for them to have their waggy tails out to show how much they love their Pawsie onesie.



Pawsie don't just do Mr Darcy type fashion - they also do a variety of animal onesies, so if you have the popular Primark duckling or tiger onesies, your dog can now match you - paws and all! Ranging from £15.99 - £24.99, these onesies are a great novelty item for dressing your four legged friend up, but are also perfect for keeping them warm. Right now, it's still a little too warm I think for Max to be wearing it around the house, but come a few weeks when the temperature drops slightly, it will be the perfect Winter warmer.

Quite frankly, I adore Pawsie as a company. They provide quality onesie's for dogs, and lets face it, you have to have a bit of a sense of humour to create onesie's for dogs. If you're thinking about ordering one for your dawg, check out their website to refer to sizing - there's free delivery at the moment too!

Max gives it 10 out of 10 on the fashion front, and a huge lick for comfort.

-Tamsin xxx

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Banana and Faux Nutella Smoothie

22 September 2013

My sweet tooth is one of the bains of my life. I'm trying to counteract any cravings with fruit and diet soda, but sometimes you just need that hit of sweetness. I've been going crazy with my blender at the moment and trying to put it to as much use as possible. You guys all seemed to like my 7am Lazy Smoothie, so I'm going to share with you what I've been using recently to cure my sweet tooth. And let me tell you now. It involves chocolate, hazelnut and peanuts. Sounds good yes? But calorific? Think again.




So what do you need? Grab yourself some frozen banana as the base of the smoothie. This time, the banana needs to be frozen so as to act as the ice part, and it keeps it chilled for a fair while. Now, time to add the Nutella, except this is faux Nutella remember? For this, you need one sachet of Options hazelnut hot chocolate. The taste is identical to Nutella, and you'll get the punch of the hazelnuts without the calories. Infact, one sachet of Options hot chocolate is only 40 calories. Can I get a woop woop? The next step is based on preference, but seeing as I adore peanut butter, I'm going to go ahead and a spoonful of PB2. If you haven't heard of PB2, it's something you need to invest in. It's a little pricey, but worth it. It's basically peanuts in their ground form - they're so grounded up and powdered, that 85% of the oil is eliminated making it less in calories. A heaped tablespoon is only 40 calories or so. It's incredible. You can mix PB2 with water, milk, yoghurt, anything, and you get a lovely peanut butter consistency for 85% less the calories. I think that calls for another woop woop don't you think? Finally, you add some soy chocolate milk. I'm big on drinking soy milk, and I love the Vive Soy range. Add as much as you want depending on how you like the consistency of your smoothie. Blitz it up in your blender for about 2 minutes so it becomes gorgeously smooth.

Pour, serve, and let that sweet craving be satisfied for half the calories. It's not the most glamorous of smoothies, but DAMN does it taste good.

-Tamsin xxx

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Lazy Sunday

15 September 2013







001 + 002: Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup - a lovely brunch on a cold Sunday morning with three of my favourite bloggers, Steph, Rosie and Tabitha. We did a small bit of shopping and explored a wonderful shop called Ark. I fell in love with so many pieces of furniture, and Rosie and Tabitha went away very crate happy!

003. Spending time on Pinterest - I find so much inspiration on Pinterest and pinning from my Kindle Fire makes it so easy to do. Right now, I'm pinning lots of A/W inspiration, things to keep me going with my diet, and of course..Disney.

004. A new purchase from Bourjois - I've been excited to try the Rice Powder for so long. I love anything that illuminates so I'm looking forward to trying this out tomorrow. I particularly love the packaging - thumbs up to Bourjois!

005. Trying out my latest smoothie recipe - it involves this soy chocolate milk, along with other goodies, and is healthy for you AND low cal. Recipe on the blog next week!

006. Watching tv in my new fox pyjama bottoms - these are from F&F at Tesco and I adore them. I'm a sucker for pyjamas like these..they just make me feel happy and extra snuggly!

What have you been up to this Sunday?

-Tamsin xxx

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That A/W Feeling

14 September 2013






I don't know about you, but that A/W feeling is really hitting me recently. I've been wearing my work coat more often, the Christmassy fragrances are out in full force, and I've even dabbled with putting on the heating (it was just for an hour, but that definitely means it's Autumn!). When I'm in the shops, my eyes only wander to Winter boots, comfy snuggly jumpers, and Winter shades I've been looking forward to wearing for ages. The coral lips are being faded out and replacing them are darker tones that have been unloved for a couple of months. My feet are being warmed up in a variety of warm slippers - Disney is compulsory of course. Yes it's been raining like hell in the last few days, but truly, I don't mind.

I'm looking forward to what this A/W season has to bring...

-Tamsin xxx

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Autumn Wishlist

10 September 2013

The minute it hits September, my heart starts beating that little bit faster and I get butterflies flying around my tummy. As nice as Summer is, the Autumn and Winter months are my favourite. I appreciate hot weather more when I'm holidaying abroad, and working in heat in the UK just isn't as nice. Give me Autumn and Winter any day. I love chunky cardigans, Chelsea boots, buying a new coat, feeling warm and toasty under the duvet when it's cold outside, and the most exciting part for me is the run up to Christmas. Ok, ok, it seems ages away now, but it's my favourite time of the year, so I cannot help but get excited.

With another season, comes another wishlist. It's only natural


Knitted Angora Jumper - Topshop
Block Cut Out Boots - New Look
Graham Clan Tartan Scarf - Heritage of Scotland
Buckle Trim Rider Boots - Russell and Bromley
Yellow Parka - Sheinside
Mulled Wine Candle - Tesco

The grey angora jumper from Topshop just screams 'cosy' at me. With a chunky scarf, skinny jeans and boots, I would be wearing this continuously over the A/W months, especially as between November-January, we don't have to wear business wear at work - bonus! I'm a huge lover of boots..they're one of my favourite types of shoe to buy but I'm quite picky as I like them to go with a lot of outfits, as well as being sturdy. The block cut out boots from New Look would be great for every day, and I just love the detailing. When it comes to longer boots, I only head to one place - Russell and Bromley. R&B boots may be expensive when it comes to handing over the plastic to pay, but trust me on this - it's the best money on shoes you can ever spend. They keep you going for years if you re-heel them, never let in the wet and cold, and look fabulous for everything. The Buckle Trim Rider boots are what I'm lusting over at the moment. Hashtag drool. The scarf is a personal one to me. I have a few of these but have been after a new one. My heritage is Scottish, and we're very proud of our roots in my family. We all wear our tartan, including kilts, and it always feels special when someone asks where you got your tartan scarf from, and you say 'It's my family's tartan.' I will forever be proud of my family and our Scottish roots. And yes the bagpipes will be out at my wedding! The yellow parka is one I have been lusting after for ages now. I believe I saw this first on Rosie's blog last year, and I've been dying to buy one since. Now it seems to be getting a lot colder, I'm going to be treating myself to this asap. I need that huge hood in my life! Perfect for dog walking! The last is something I go mad with every year. The Christmas/Winter candles. I adore the mulled wine/cinnamon/frost/berries fragrances that appear around this time each September, and I have them burning almost constantly. Fragrances are memories for me, and this just takes me back to lots of happy memories. I have a Mulled Wine candle burning right this second and I feel extremely happy and cosy!

What's on your A/W wishlist?

-Tamsin xxx

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That Dove Trend

6 September 2013


It was only the other night that I was having my evening bath, exfoliating, hair washing, and generally relaxing, that I looked at some of the current products dotted around my bathtub. Unless I'm after a specific item, I usually pick up whatever is on offer in the supermarket. I like switching up hair routines and trying new products - it's part of the fun! However, dotted around my bath were four different Dove items, and when drying my hair, I realised my favourite leave-in conditioner was also Dove. Coincidence maybe? Or is this a pattern and I should give Dove the recognition it deserves?

Firstly, the Colour Radiance Shampoo. This one was picked up as it was going cheap and I need a shampoo..simple as. After using it, my hair was cleaner than clean and I found it was softer than usual. Usually with shampoos, my hair adapts pretty quickly and seems to get used to the formula meaning another change, but it hasn't happened with this one at all - bonus! Regarding boosting the radiance of my dyed hair, it hasn't done anything dramatic, but definitely keeps the colour fresher for longer. Big tick from me! Next, the Deeply Nourishing Body Wash. If this is going cheap, I always pick this up - the smell is just fresh and baby clean. I don't like too many floral scents in my body washes, so this is always a favourite of mine, and one I usually pack when I'm going on holiday as it's almost like my comfort body wash, and it keeps me really moisturised after a day in the sun. A newer addition is the Creme Mousse Body Wash. This is similar to the Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, except the formula is silky, smooth and really is kinda like a mousse! It froths up a lot more, has more of a fragrance and feels a little more exclusive and luxurious - it's one I use when I'm in a more pampering mood. When running myself a bath, the Indulging Bath Cream is the first thing to be used. It's basically the bubble bath version of the Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, and that's why I love it. Clean, fresh, moisturising and it creates some gorgeously wonderful bubbles (it's not called a bubble bath for nothing!). Finally, after hopping out of the bath, I spritz the Intensive Repair Leave-In Conditioning and Care Spray. This is one of my favourite discoveries of 2013, and that is saying a lot. This spray changed my hair. It's got a watery section and milky section which you shake up so it can work its magic. A few spritzes onto my hair, brush through with a Tangle Teezer and boom boom pow, silky soft, manageable, no frizz hair. My hair has changed for the better and it's because of this conditioning spray. It's definitely one I'd recommend and one I will continue to repurchase.

So. Dove. I didn't realise I liked them so much, but apparently I do. They seem to have loads of elements that I enjoy when I'm in the shower, bath or conditioning my hair, and I feel credit is due. After all, I wouldn't keep repurchasing if they didn't help achieve the results I love! I don't think this trend is coincidence, but sign of a great brand - well done Dove for keeping me so happy :)

-Tamsin xxx

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The 7am Lazy Smoothie

3 September 2013

As much as I love the thought of cooking a lovely breakfast, it's just naaat going to happen on a weekday. When that alarm goes off, I have a structured routine consisting of beauty rituals, news watching and dog walking. Even though I dream of recreating many recipes I pin daily, it's not practical. I do dream of whipping up American style oat and yoghurt pancakes, but I'm still dreaming. Usually, my breakfast is an Activia breakfast pot which I eat at my desk - very yummy but nothing glamorous. However, recently I've been embracing my tight schedule and my non existent breakfast routine. 

Enter The 7am Lazy Smoothie.



This is genuinely the perfect 'lazy person, in a hurry, need something with a bit of a zing and wake-me-up' breakfast. It's really changed the way I see breakfast recently, and just as quick as pouring a bowl of cereal and milk. What makes this the ultimate lazy smoothie, is that it consists of 3 ingredients. Firstly, the fruit. I buy a bag of mixed frozen fruit salad. It's about £1 a bag, lasts ages, has a great mix of berries, melon and grapes etc and as it's already frozen, it acts as natural ice for the smoothie (meaning you don't need to add any excess ice!). Next, I add one banana. In normal smoothies, the banana is usually frozen, but you already have frozen fruit so the banana is off the hook! I add the banana for energy and a nice creamy consistency. Lastly is some form of juice. Right now, I have Tropicana Orange Juice in my fridge, so that's what I'm using. I throw in a small cups worth, just to loosen up the ice slightly. You don't need too much at all, but it's really trial and error. You can add whatever juice you like though - sometimes I add apple, or sometimes cranberry - but it all depends what you like. Next, just whizz it up until its blended smoothly, and you can add more juice depending on what consistency you like. I use my Kenwood 2 Go blender which I adore and can highly recommend.


That's genuinely it. The quickest breakfast smoothie in the world. Sometimes I add ginger or lime to it for a real morning kick, which really gets you alive and kicking! I pour it into my Starbucks cooler and off I trot to work. I highly recommend buying a cooling tumbler too - it keeps my smoothie cold for a lot longer than a normal cup would. In a perfect world, I'd be chopping up fresh fruit every morning for this smoothie, or mixing up my oaty pancakes in excitement, but lets face it. We're busy people, and this breakfast is healthy, quick and convenient. What more could a lazy breakfast person want?

-Tamsin xxx

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A Very Disney Party

30 August 2013


We've been at our new apartment for over a month now and it really does take a long time to settle, due to a lot of new furniture buying to fit the place, unpacking and sorting clothes, and generally just finding that little place for everything. It's no quick thing! Fortunately, we're now feeling a lot more settled, and have started to think about having a house-warming party. It is no secret that I'm a Disney obsessive. You only have to view my various Disney Pinterest boards to see this, along with my Disney merchandise, DVD collection and essential Minnie Mouse ears dotted around my bedroom. So I guess it's only natural that I'd want a Disney themed party hey?

In my perfect world, it would be Disney costume party. Everyone would have to dress up as a character from any Disney film and try and stay in character just for laughs! I take a lot of inspiration from Pinterest - every day I make time to sit down and scroll through pins of my choice, repinning them for future reference. Some of the Disney party pins are brilliant and it's given me all sorts of ideas. I'd definitely be serving my Mickey Mouse Oreo Cupcakes, and attempt to make some of the Disney food from my favourite Disney recipe website, Disney Food Blog. It wouldn't be a Disney party without attempting the famous Disney Glowtini's too! When it comes to choosing the RIGHT costumes, I'm not actually sure who I'd go as, as I love so many Disney characters. I'm thinking maybe I could go all out and go as a Dalmatian (I've done this before...it was a HUGE hit at the party!) but part of me is thinking Meg from Hercules and go for a bit of a Grecian theme. I'd have Disney music playing in the background in one room, and a few Disney films in the other, and who knows..maybe we'd even crack out the Disney Singstar once a beverage or few has been drunk?

What house-warming theme would you have?

-Tamsin xxx

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*PR Collaboration*


29 August 2013

Happiness is:

Planning: Nothing makes me happier than getting something exciting into the diary! I've booked to see A Midsummers Night Dream in September which I'm really excited about. Both Sheridan Smith and David Walliams are in it, and I know it's going to be a fabulous version of a classic Shakespeare play. I celebrated buying the tickets that evening by watching Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. Leo Di Caprio get into my life.

Decorating: I'm in the middle of deciding what colour to paint the bedroom. At the moment it's a yellowish shade which I don't find very relaxing. I've had this before with yellow, and had to paint over it as soon as I could. Does anyone else find that some colours do the opposite from relaxing them? I think it's really important to feel comfortable in your bedroom as sleep is so needed after a long days work. It's your little sanctuary. Right now, I'm thinking on a grey colour like in this bedroom.

Walking: Since moving, I have been exploring all the different routes and walks to take Max on. There's beautiful rivers around, and finding new towpaths and watching narrowboats go through locks is just serene. At the moment, I'm walking around 5 miles a day which is lovely. I'm particularly enjoying my morning walks - when you set your alarm for 6am, it never seems inviting, but once I'm outside walking Max in the morning sunshine, it really is quite lovely. (Lets hope I still think the same when it's darker and rainy!)

Working: This one sounds ridiculous but I love my job. Taking that plunge and moving to do something absolutely worlds apart from my last job was terrifying, but 100% the right choice. I love the people, the environment, and the way the job ties in well with my life. For the first time in years, I feel truly happy. 

Relaxing: Following on from the previous point, for the first time in 2 years, I actually HAVE time to relax! I'm able to leave work AT work. I come home, walk Max for an hour, cook nice food, read, catch up with blogs, I can go shopping, I can visit family and friends etc - that just couldn't happen before, and now it's possible, I feel I can truly enjoy relaxing and make the most of my ME time.

-Tamsin xxx

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Upload: Express Color Bar at Lisa Shepherd Salon

19 August 2013


Remember to watch in HD!

Every time I go to Lisa Shepherd salon, I leave with the biggest grin on my face. This time, it was due to trying out the new Color Bar feature they've recently started to offer. For those not familiar with Lisa Shepherd, the salons are ultra modern, suave and totally user friendly - feel free to grab a drink from the Smeg fridge..be it a glass of wine, or a tasty cloudy lemonade, sit back and relax with an iPad or the latest magazines, and chill in one of the massaging chairs whilst having your hair washed. Yes, it is just wonderful. Jason Cocking who is the director of the London branch on Mortimer Street is a delight - you're in safe hands under his watch, and having done hair of celebs such as the Olsen Twins, Cat Deeley and Nigella Lawson, he knows what he's talking about.



So what is this new Express Color Bar? To cut a long story short, it's basically quick fix, no drama hair solutions without the added frills and price. Sounds awesome huh? Well trust me, it really is. They have six treatments to offer (see here) ranging from hair colouring to gloss treatments. Not only this, but the salon promises to have the treatments done within an hour, and if they run over, you get your money back. Don't think you will be less of a customer by having this option though - you still get all of the attention deserved when you go to a hairdressers. All the treatments range from £15 to £30, and the deal is that you dry and style your hair yourself after having it washed. You pop yourself down at a little 'blow dry bar', use one of the Redken hairdryers, and help yourself to a whole tray full of complimentary Redken products.



Jason suggested I go for the Brighter Lights treatment and added some blonde highlights to my hair. Lauren also went for the Brighter Lights to give her a quick fix before her holiday. Serena went for the Glossy Locks treatment, and I can honestly say, what a treatment that is. I have never felt such shiny and perfectly conditioned hair as Serena's was. Even after washing the following day, Serena said that her hair stayed completely untangled without a single knot, and was just as soft and glossy as before.


So what do I think of the Express Color Bar experience? Honestly, I think it's a genius idea. Having your hair done can now be convenient in the middle of your day - if you're working, you can pop in (oh yes..I genuinely mean pop in, as you don't have to book!) during your lunch break, get your hair done, dry/style it yourself, and be back in the office before you can finish eating your sandwich from Pret. Another positive is that you can save yourself some cash by not having it unnecessarily blow-dried. It's a win win situation in my opinion, and a revolutionary hair idea that everyone can benefit from.

Personally, I think that Lisa Shepherd have got themselves a winner here, and I urge you to try a Color Bar treatment next time you're shopping on Oxford St - I wouldn't lie to you when I say it is now possible to have your hair done and be back in the shops within an hour, and all for £30 and under!

-Tamsin xxx

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