Essie 'Midnight Cami'

13 December 2012

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Happy Thursday friends! I had hoped to show you my new fav lipstick today, but I have been suffering with one of the worst colds I've had in years since last Sunday, and so I thought I'd spare you all the trauma of my horrible chapped lips and generally ill face. I'm feeling a tad better today although not great, and I've been off work for the last 2 days and have been trying to pamper myself a little. On Tuesday, I found out the news that my partner would be returning from deployment with the Royal Navy a week early - despite being over the moon with this news, it was ultimately very stressful as all had been organised for the following week, cue panic with moving hotel dates, car arrangements, ringing up the cake makers to bring the cupcakes forward a week...aagh it's been stressful, along with a nice cold to go with it. 

Anyway, taking the time out to make sure my nails were done this afternoon, surely the only colour I could go for with such an occasion would be navy blue?! Enter Essie 'Midnight Cami'. This has been in my collection for a month or so now as I wanted a nice dark Winter colour and this fit the bill for me. As with most Essie polishes, it goes on like a dream - it's very sheer at first, but 3 coats does it just fine and you soon have a deep dark blue which shines perfectly without additional shimmer or glitter. It actually looks quite shimmery and iridescent in the bottle but it's more shiny than anything.

-Tamsin xxx 

L'Occitane Eau Delicate Fresh Face Water

3 December 2012

Cleanser and toner are skincare items we can all get very lazy with..go on admit it, you've had those days, weeks or even months when it's just another step in your routine that you think you can afford to miss out when you want an extra 10 minutes in bed. For me, it's something I cannot afford to do. I see a massive difference in my skin when I cleanse and tone regularly and it makes it even better when you have a 2 in 1 product. L'Occitane Eau Delicate Fresh Face Water is just this - a cleanser and a toner all in one bottle. It also removes makeup too -win! This is my second bottle of this now because I have been loving it too much, and the convenience it brings to my skincare routine is just too good to miss. This is non-oily and alcohol free too so it includes only nice things in the formula itself.

I squirt a couple of sprays onto a cotton pad, slowly massage my eye area, and then do the same with the rest of my face. You don't have to remove it either so once it's on the skin, you're all good to start moisturising. If you wanted to use it as a mist (think Caudalie Beauty Elixir) then this works well for that too. Just because it removes make up, doesn't mean it will make it budge from your face or make your eye make up run. I have used this before getting a 7 hour flight to Dubai and my makeup stayed fresh faced and didn't move at all, as well as keeping my skin hydrated. It's extremely gentle so I think it would be a good bet for all skin types, as well as it having shea butter in to help moisturise. There's not so much a fragrance other than smelling fresh. Packaging wise, what's not to love with L'Occitane - they have the most beautiful vintage and delicate looking packaging, and with this product it comes as you'd expect, which is in a bottle and a standard nozzle spray for ease when spraying onto a cotton pad.

It's currently on sale in Debenhams for a slightly cheaper price at £11.47 which isn't bad at all considering you get 200mls. As always, skincare products can vary on different people, but this should in theory be fine to use by all skin types, and as the title of the product says, it's 'eau delicate' so should be as gentle as a baby's bum!

-Tamsin xxx