Sephora Instant Eye Makeup Remover

13 November 2012

Nothing makes you feel that you know you like a product quite like repurchasing it. It's like the renewing of vows, and you're confirming to yourself the relationship you have with that particular product. The Sephora 'Super Démaquillant Yeux' or Instant Eye Makeup Remover if you're English like me, is one of these products I repurchase again and again. Every time I'm abroad or know someone who is dropping into Sephora, I always ask them to pop one of these into their basket for me. I usually get the 50ml bottle as seen here, as it's a perfect little size for travel and holidays but they do an 125ml bottle too. This is now my 6th bottle? And a nice new fresh bottle at that!

So what's inside this tropical blue water? Well its sulphates and parabens free, so a perfect choice for sensitive eyes, and also features HydroSenn+ which is a plant extract exclusive to Sephora which softens skins, and as it has forms of olive extracts in, it helps to strengthen eyelashes too. All good things really. It's got a very slight fragrance, but nothing over powering, and actually, it's a highlight for me, because it just feels refreshing and like it's doing the job it's intended for. The packaging is standard and reliable with a screw cap, and a stopper to control how much you're putting onto your cotton pad. The actual product itself is what I'd call user friendly - it doesn't sting, at all, and if you have sensitive eyes/skin, then this will be your friend. If you don't like oily makeup removers, then this may also be one for you to try - there's no greasy residue and the formula is fine and fresh. The name of the product says 'instant' and it is pretty instant..obviously with eye makeup removers, you have to do your usual spiel of taking stubborn longstaying mascara off, but this does it very well.

If you're popping to a country that does Sephora, pop one of these into your basket. The 50ml bottle I have will last a fair while and will only set you back 3.00€ which is nothing at all. (The bigger bottle is 5.50€). Personally, it's not only aesthetically pleasing, but it does the job it's intended for, whilst looking totally cute. 

-Tamsin xxx

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