Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask

21 November 2012

Operation Skin is still continuing - I think it will never end to be honest. I am constantly searching for something that will make my skin moisturised and baby soft, and with dry skin, this can be particularly hard. I do find that higher end facial products do work better however, and I'd always rather splurge on something more expensive than have lots of lower end products lying around unused. The Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask falls slap bang into the middle of those catagories I think, but boy does it do a good job.

The Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask has created quite a buzz in the blogging world recently, and for total good reason too. This mask is an overnight mask, and as the name suggests, meant to be intensively moisturising. The product suggests putting on a layer of the mask and wiping off the excess, but seeing as my skin needs all the help it can get, I leave whatever the remainder is on. The consistency of the mask is pretty thick, but it smooths into the skin really well - a little goes a long way and you don't want to squeeze out too much. In the morning, my skin feels a lot more refreshed and moisturised than the previous day, and there's no residue left (which some people have seemed to find). As with all Origins products, the smell of the product is fresh and rather divine. I use this more often than the tube suggests which is twice a week. I probably use it every other night or every two nights, and that's only because my skin needs it and the results I feel the next day are just fantastic. Obviously, this is meant for drier skins as it is an intensive moisturising mask, but for oilier/combo skins, this would probably be a good treat for the skin once a week. The magic ingredient of Hyaluronic Acid is the wonder factor, as it's great to keep skin hydrated and plump, and often what plastic surgeons use in their aftercare products.

Personally, with the dry skin I have, I couldn't be without this product. At £20 for 100mls, it's great value for money and does the job it's intended for (and quite frankly, at a cheaper price than some higher end moisturisers I've tried!). Does anyone else with dry skin have any other recommendations? Operation Skin is going to be a long haul I think..

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I don't have dry skin but it's always helpful to read a great review to recommend products to others. I've seen a lot of hype surrounding this product and it would seem that it really does do the job! I totally agree with you about preferring to use higher end products on your skin as opposed to cheaper ones and accumulating a load of half empty bottles all over the place! :) Great to hear you've found something that works for you. xx

  2. I think this sounds great for the winter! My skin gets really dry around this time so I'm always on the look out for a nice new mask :)

    I'm having a MAC Giveaway if you fancy checking it out xx

  3. I need this in my life for sure, it sounds like the most perfect dry skin saviour! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. I never knew this was only £20. I've been seeing it on various blogs..and been itching to buy it because my skins been put off because I thought it was around the £30 mark. £20 seems justifiable lol. I'm definitely going to be picking one of these up :))

    Fay x.

  5. I have combination skin, with classic oily T-zone and dry cheeks, but with the changing weather the dry spot between my eyebrows has reappeared. I was mooching around the new Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool the other day and started checking out the Creme de le Mer counter. Basically the lady matched me up with a routine, all horrifically expensive and far more than I can afford. But the one product I loved was their radiant serum. It's £200 for a full size bottle, but the lady gave me a sample which ks teeny but will prob last a while and I am loving it. After one use my dry patch has gone, and as you use it over your moisturiser my skin feels beautofully soft. You can use it morning and night, but I'm only using it in the evening and I really do love it. I'll be pretty sad when I run.dry. I know £200 is a horrific amount, but if you can get a sample do!

    Steph xx


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