OPI 'GoldenEye' from 007 Collection

19 November 2012

You know a nail polish is well loved when it has dabs of the colour on the wand handle - this nail polish is well loved let me assure you of this! OPI released their 007 James Bond collection just before the opening of Skyfall a couple of weeks ago. When I say I am a James Bond fan, I don't just mean that the films are pretty good. I am a hardcore James Bond fan - yes, I've read all the books, I know a lot about Ian Fleming's life and I can answer most trivia questions about all of the films. I was one of the people who wanted Daniel Craig to be the new 007 and he hasn't disappointed (marry me Daniel) and Skyfall was one of the best few hours of my life so far. Hardcore, indeed. Anyway, when I found out that OPI were releasing this collection, I got a bit excited about the whole thing and vowed to own ALL of the polishes..there are 13 so this is a pretty big commitment! I'm still working on owning all 13, but right now, this is my favourite - GoldenEye.

Cue the Tina Turner music please. GoldenEye is a gold/yellow dense shade with glitter in. On one coat, it's quite sheer and would make a nice top coat of glitter for loads of other colours. However, build it up a little and you have a pretty opaque shade of gold with glitter flashing all over the place. We all know how much I love glitter, and gold is one of my favs too, so a perfect pair do you not think? This is one of the polishes that photos don't do justice too. It is stunning in the flesh and you can feel safe in the knowledge that it almost feels like you've painted your nails in gold leaf almost. Don't you think this is perfect for the Christmassy festive time of year too? I've paired this with an accent red nail recently and it looks beautiful. 

Oh and a little bit of trivia for you - in the film Skyfall, have some fun trying to spot someone wearing this exact nail polish ;) 

-Tamsin xxx


  1. This is a gorgeous colour. I have one slightly similar in my china glaze set. X

  2. This is on my x-mas list, its stunning!

  3. Skyfall is so amazing, as is this colour! Daniel Craig is SUCH a hottie. I absolutely love your blog! Just followed :)


  4. That colour is gorgeous! And it's so perfect for the Christmas season :-) x

  5. Such a great Christmas colour! I must admit, these Bond polishes really appeal, such lush luxurious colours!

  6. Oh wow, such a stunning colour! I think I love pretty much every shade in the collection!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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