Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation

14 November 2012

I have dabbled with powder foundations, but I do tend to hug close to my trusty liquid foundations. I've tried a lot of foundations and have come to find formulas I like, don't like, feel heavy, light, good coverage, bad coverage etc, but I'd never reeeally experimented with powder foundation. However, whilst browsing the Clarins counter recently, I was struck by their relatively new Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation.

Not gonna lie, the first thing that caught my attention was the b-e-a-uuutiful packaging. Once you take the lid off, the 'lid' itself pushes out to be a cute little mini kabuki brush. The inner plastic packaging can be a little bit of a skill, but as long as you're not heavy handed and cause havoc, the foundation shouldn't fly everywhere. It is packaging of pride and glamour and for aesthetic purposes, this ticks all the boxes. I was matched with 108 Sand and had it tested on my whole face. Once the consultant had put what I thought was something completely different on my face, I said, 'that felt lovely, now time for the foundation?' and she said 'No it's already on!' It is genuinely that light on the skin, I didn't realise she'd even put it on me. Clarins do say that it is an 'ultra fine, silky texture' and I'd 100% agree with this. If you hate having foundation on that makes you feel like you're visibly wearing something, then this may be a good one to try. It feels weightless. The coverage is good also. I usually go for medium coverage at the maximum, and this can be built up to medium coverage easily. Even after building up, it doesn't look cakey or powdery around dry areas - it just seems to smooth and highlight your skin. I will add that the kabuki brush is a good brush in itself. I've been using it to apply the foundation, and I've been really satisfied with it, and haven't felt the need to use any other brushes. It's easy to buff the foundation in and distributes a good even amount of product. The foundation is slightly fragranced, kinda like parma violets? But it doesn't smell sickly sweet - just fresh and light. This has been lasting on my skin for about 6-7 hours before I need to touch up slightly, so it's pretty damn good for longevity. 

At £28 a pop, it's the sort of price I'd usually spend on a foundation, but may be expensive for some. However, look at the packaging and what you get with it. It's totally exquisite and the price reflects this. If you like dewy looking skin (and I usually do) then this is more of a matte finish so may not be one for you to try, but it's making a really nice change in the cold weather to have more of a smooth, illuminated matte look. So are you thinking of taking the plunge and trying a loose powder foundation? It's been a good buy for me, and maybe it will be for you too!

-Tamsin xxx


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  2. Ah I have been really interested in this product and if I wasn't so in love with the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser I would be so tempted to buy this, even if its for the packaging alone! Gorgeous this would look stunning on any dressing table :-)

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  3. Great review , I'd loveee to try this xx

  4. I tend to sway towards liquid foundation too but I've heard so many positive things about this!



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