Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

7 November 2012

I am one to stay loyal to products - you know how it stick to what you know, but occasionally I decide to step outside the box and try something new. The Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream was exactly a result of this box stepping. I have been going a tad Clarins crazy recently, and blog posts coming up in the next few weeks will help you see this, but I am totally 100% sold on this treatment cream. This cream is so intensely moisturising, it's hard to believe it. Clarins say that this cream 'forms an invisible protective glove that shields the hands from the elements,' and shield it does. This is truly a cream..the consistency is thick yet silky, and what might look like a slightly stodgy product massages into the skin and nailbeds quickly and easily, with no residue and greasiness. Even when you wash your hands, you can still feel the product working and it's almost like a barrier, or indeed the 'shield' as Clarins described it. In the current chilly climate we're having, it's been keeping my hands hydrated and soft, and I saw a difference in my cuticles within days. The extract of myrrh (very Christmassy indeed) helps to keep your nails strong..I don't know much about the science of myrrh, but all I know is it smells divine, and my nails haven't peeled or broken. To add to the lush smell of myrrh, there's also sesame oil and Japanese mulberry - very exotic.

Would I recommend you to buy this? Absolutely yes. If you hate sticky greasy oily hands after moisturising, then this product could be your solution, and possibly life saver in this weather. At £19 for 100mls, it's not a bad deal at all, and a 5p size amount of product does all the work you need, so you wouldn't get through it too quickly at all. I have found it for £17.10 on Feel Unique though. This may be a new holy grail product of mine and has unfortuantely bumped the L'Occitane Shea Butter moisturiser down a small notch. All hail Clarins, all hail. 

-Tamsin xxx


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