Halo Hair Extensions - Deluxe Clip-In Set

26 November 2012


When I was younger, I never needed to think about extensions. I always had the longest hair and I loved it. When I was at uni, I treated myself and went to Tony and Guy to have my usual full head of highlights, and they absolutely butchered it. Talk about a treat..NOT! I left the salon and cried for ages - the ends of my hair were dehydrated and pretty much dead, and I decided to go to a different salon, where they said the best thing to do would be to cut off a couple of inches and let it grow again. I had my hair cut to about 2 inches under my shoulders which for me, was massively short. Luckily, my hair grows quite quickly so it is growing now. When Halo contacted me about receiving some hair extensions recently, for the first time ever, I was truly interested. I could get my fuller and thicker hair back that I used to have whilst it grows - perfect scenario really? I was matched with Honey Blonde #22 and sent a 16" Deluxe set of clip-in extensions.


When it arrived it was packaged beautifully, and I tried them on straight away. With the 16" Deluxe Clip-In set you get 12 wefts of hair - 3 pieces of 3 clips, 3 pieces of 2 clips and 6 pieces of 1 clips. The clips have a protective strip of rubber underneath so you're not damaging your hair at all, and the condition of the Remy hair is just wonderful - it's soft to the touch and all the hair is conditioned so perfectly. Applying the hair extensions was really easy too - considering I'd never applied hair extensions before, it was a piece of cake. You just section your hair and clip into the place - job done! (You get a little booklet with instructions to help you with this, if you're a novice like myself!) Now, my hair is pretty much the same length as the 16" extensions which was a shame, but I was also after volume. If volume is what you want, then volume is what you get with these extensions. My hair was just fuller and thicker, and felt luxurious to the touch. I've been absolutely loving wearing the extensions when my hair is in a ponytail. Hopefully in the before and after photos below you can see how much of a difference they make to the ponytail - it's much bouncier and fuller, and oh so fun to swish around! One thing I will add is at first I wasn't used to the extra weight on my head from the extensions. All the wefts of hair weigh 135g, and at first I was aware of the extra weight, but after about two times of wearing them, I didn't notice it at all, and I'm putting that down to the fact I'd never worn extensions before. Now, when I'm not wearing them, my hair feels thin and lifeless, so thumbs up to Halo!

Left: After, Right: Before

With these hair extensions, you can style them as you would normal hair - curl, straighten, style, you name it, but obviously you have to care for them to prolong the life of the hair. You can buy shampoo and conditioner from Halo too, but I've been using my usual products for this which work well. The Halo Hair Extensions team are an absolute pleasure to place an order with - they were so easy, replied quickly to email and they matched my hair perfectly, which is obviously the key. Plus, the delivery was unbelievably quick too. You can buy the 16" Deluxe Clip-In Hair Extensions for £74.99, and it is 100% brilliant quality you're paying for. As an extension novice, I'd recommend Halo to anyone - just chat to them on Twitter and you'll see what a friendly and helpful company they are, not to mention extension geniuses! I think next time I will have to get the 20" extensions as my hair is almost the same length now..I'm excited for that day! Verdict? Total Halo convert.

-Tamsin xxx

Top Bathroom Products Under £5

24 November 2012


We all like to save the cash don't we. There is nothing worse than putting your card into the chip and pin reader and seeing your money be zapped away, so any cheap products that do the deed at a decent price is always a rather good thing. Here are 4 (and I had to choose 4 because otherwise this list would be quite long!) of my favourite bathroom products that I keep returning to and repurchasing, and they're all priced at under a fiver.

Beverly Hills Formula - £2.99: This is my favourite toothpaste ever, and I did blog about it about a year ago I think. This toothpaste is the best whitening product I have ever used. When I was given a sample, the challenge was to use it for a week or something and see if you could see a significant difference in a week or two. I found the results to be so quick, that I ran out and bought a tube straight away. It's recommended to put a little bit of the toothpaste on your teeth before brushing for extra whitening, and I have found in the year I've been using it that my teeth are whiter, brighter, and I'm happy with the colour that it has helped to achieve.  As far as I'm concerned, if this helps to keep my teeth looking nice and white and healthy, then I'm gonna carry on using it, and not bother with other teeth whitening products.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor - £4.99: My bathroom is never empty of Aussie products..I have just counted and I currently have 9 bottles of various Aussie bits and bobs..oh yes! However, the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor is one item I don't ever go without. Due to having my hair dyed every 6 weeks, I try to keep it in as good of condition as I can, and the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructors help deal with any dry or damaged hair I have in the mean time. I usually use this twice to three times a week, leave it on for slightly longer than 3 minutes, breath in the gorgeous smell (how can anyone not enjoy the Aussie scents?!) and wash out, et voila..beautiful, soft and more nourished hair. This truly makes a significant change in the way my hair feels, not to mention smelling fabulous!

Johnson's Baby Bath - £2.90: I have also previously blogged about this item too. There is something about Johnson's Baby Bath that just makes me feel like I'm being snuggled into a warm embrace from the past. Once I've poured the first few blue drops, I'm taken back to being very young, and I suddenly feel very comforted and relaxed. It's super sensitive and should be fine on anyone's skin, and a big bottle lasts a really long while. It won't give you the mountainous bath of bubbles you might get with a Lush product, but it's soothing, simple and baby soft. Every Sunday night, I have my Johnson's bubble bath time, and yes, you guessed it..I go to bed sleeping like a baby.

Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash - £2.40: This has been my staple body wash for years now. I love the simple and clean fragrance, but the winner for me is just how moisturising it is. The consistency is a lot thicker than some body washes but lathers so well, and after I've used it, my skin feels fabulous. I do find that using this in hot countries shows its real potential. After a long day in the sun, your skin needs moisturising more than ever, and after using this, my skin feels so different. This always gets packed into my suitcase, and will be again when I go away in December.

So there are just 4 of my fave bathroom products under £5 - hard working items that don't break the bank - everyone's a winner right?

-Tamsin xxx

fotd: china rose

23 November 2012

Foundation: Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder
Blush: MeMeMe in Coral
Lips: MeMeMe in China Rose
Mascara: Maybelline Volum' Express Collosal Cat eye
Brows: HD Brows

Another boring work face of the day from me, but this shows the MeMeMe blush in Coral and MeMeMe  lipstick in China Rose in full use (check out the gift set here). For some reason the lighting has made me a bit orangey, but never mind! I'm truly loving the China Rose lipstick too - it's the perfect mix between colour and nude, and it's extremely moisturising. Thumbs up from me. My work makeup is genuinely so simple. I really need an event to go out to so I can go a little over the top with eyeshadow and don the fake lashes! In other news, how horrendous has the weather been? It has been particularly bad here in the South West and the floods, landslides canals bursting their banks etc is just insane! I hope everyone is keeping nice and safe, and definitely warm - the gales outside are something else!

Have a lovely weekend!

-Tamsin xxx

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask

21 November 2012

Operation Skin is still continuing - I think it will never end to be honest. I am constantly searching for something that will make my skin moisturised and baby soft, and with dry skin, this can be particularly hard. I do find that higher end facial products do work better however, and I'd always rather splurge on something more expensive than have lots of lower end products lying around unused. The Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask falls slap bang into the middle of those catagories I think, but boy does it do a good job.

The Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask has created quite a buzz in the blogging world recently, and for total good reason too. This mask is an overnight mask, and as the name suggests, meant to be intensively moisturising. The product suggests putting on a layer of the mask and wiping off the excess, but seeing as my skin needs all the help it can get, I leave whatever the remainder is on. The consistency of the mask is pretty thick, but it smooths into the skin really well - a little goes a long way and you don't want to squeeze out too much. In the morning, my skin feels a lot more refreshed and moisturised than the previous day, and there's no residue left (which some people have seemed to find). As with all Origins products, the smell of the product is fresh and rather divine. I use this more often than the tube suggests which is twice a week. I probably use it every other night or every two nights, and that's only because my skin needs it and the results I feel the next day are just fantastic. Obviously, this is meant for drier skins as it is an intensive moisturising mask, but for oilier/combo skins, this would probably be a good treat for the skin once a week. The magic ingredient of Hyaluronic Acid is the wonder factor, as it's great to keep skin hydrated and plump, and often what plastic surgeons use in their aftercare products.

Personally, with the dry skin I have, I couldn't be without this product. At £20 for 100mls, it's great value for money and does the job it's intended for (and quite frankly, at a cheaper price than some higher end moisturisers I've tried!). Does anyone else with dry skin have any other recommendations? Operation Skin is going to be a long haul I think..

-Tamsin xxx

OPI 'GoldenEye' from 007 Collection

19 November 2012

You know a nail polish is well loved when it has dabs of the colour on the wand handle - this nail polish is well loved let me assure you of this! OPI released their 007 James Bond collection just before the opening of Skyfall a couple of weeks ago. When I say I am a James Bond fan, I don't just mean that the films are pretty good. I am a hardcore James Bond fan - yes, I've read all the books, I know a lot about Ian Fleming's life and I can answer most trivia questions about all of the films. I was one of the people who wanted Daniel Craig to be the new 007 and he hasn't disappointed (marry me Daniel) and Skyfall was one of the best few hours of my life so far. Hardcore, indeed. Anyway, when I found out that OPI were releasing this collection, I got a bit excited about the whole thing and vowed to own ALL of the polishes..there are 13 so this is a pretty big commitment! I'm still working on owning all 13, but right now, this is my favourite - GoldenEye.

Cue the Tina Turner music please. GoldenEye is a gold/yellow dense shade with glitter in. On one coat, it's quite sheer and would make a nice top coat of glitter for loads of other colours. However, build it up a little and you have a pretty opaque shade of gold with glitter flashing all over the place. We all know how much I love glitter, and gold is one of my favs too, so a perfect pair do you not think? This is one of the polishes that photos don't do justice too. It is stunning in the flesh and you can feel safe in the knowledge that it almost feels like you've painted your nails in gold leaf almost. Don't you think this is perfect for the Christmassy festive time of year too? I've paired this with an accent red nail recently and it looks beautiful. 

Oh and a little bit of trivia for you - in the film Skyfall, have some fun trying to spot someone wearing this exact nail polish ;) 

-Tamsin xxx

Naturally Nude by MeMeMe Gift Set

16 November 2012

There's no hiding now guys..Christmas is a-coming and there's nothing you can do about it! I'm a total Christmas obsessive so I've been blaring the Christmas tunes for a while now, and my Christmas shopping is well underway. Personally, I say all you Christmas scrooges need to join me and start shopping too! Today I have a review for a gift set which could potentially be a great Christmas gift for any girly in your family. The Naturally Nude gift set from MeMeMe comes inside a cute little bag makeup bag (not pictured), but the goods are definitely the makeup itself. You get one Blush Me blusher in 'Coral', one lipstick in 'China Rose', two Dew Pots in 'Coral Blossom' and 'Willow Whisper' and one nail polish in 'Ambitious'. Well that's a nice little set isn't it? As the name suggests, it's focused on nude colours, and we know that this is majorly up my street because I like products I can wear for not only work, but daytime and evening too. 

Firstly, I'd like to mention that MeMeMe seem to have stepped it up a notch with their packaging. It's all got a very classy but with a dash of 'minx' feel about it, and I love the frosty black touches to their design - first thumbs up from me! The blush in 'Coral' is much like their usual blushes in the Benefit-esque box package. If you're looking for coral, then this IS coral. It's a beautiful shade that can look a bit 'wooah' in the pan, but on the skin, it blends beautifully and gives just the right amount of colour. It comes with standard brush which is ok, but generally I think we all tend to use a different brush for application. The lipstick is a new fav of mine - 'China Rose' is a peach cross pink toned nude and has been my staple lippy in the last two weeks or so. Longevity is brilliant and it's got a good moisture to it - I certainly haven't had chapped lips. The Dew Pots have been doing the circuits in the beauty world for a while now. Personally, I don't tend to wear cream eyeshadows, but I have been really enjoying wearing these. 'Coral Blossom' (left) is very peachy and iridescent and 'Willow Whisper' is iridescent but with more of a hint of browns and mauve. I always worry with cream eyeshadows about how long they will last before they start to crease - these lasted longer than I expected to, I will admit, but you will get some creasing, so beware of that. However, like I said, they exceeded my expectations, and the colours are just too pretty to not like wearing them! The nail polish 'Ambitious' is very much like 'Nude Beige' from Models Own - matte-ish colour that ties nicely in with the nude theme. It lasted about 2-3 days before chipping which isn't bad at all recently, and if you like a standard nude polish without having to pay too much, then this is a great one to have in your collection.

So, how much is this lovely gift? From Find-Me-A-Gift.co.uk, it is £26.99 which is great value for money. Bought alone, all the items would add up to £42, so that's a brilliant saving, not to mention a complete set for someone who likes a nude look when they apply makeup. All 5 items are going to be well used within my makeup collection as they're just so adaptable, and everyone wants things they can use and love for Christmas - maybe this is a possibility for someone you know?

-Tamsin xxx

Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation

14 November 2012

I have dabbled with powder foundations, but I do tend to hug close to my trusty liquid foundations. I've tried a lot of foundations and have come to find formulas I like, don't like, feel heavy, light, good coverage, bad coverage etc, but I'd never reeeally experimented with powder foundation. However, whilst browsing the Clarins counter recently, I was struck by their relatively new Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation.

Not gonna lie, the first thing that caught my attention was the b-e-a-uuutiful packaging. Once you take the lid off, the 'lid' itself pushes out to be a cute little mini kabuki brush. The inner plastic packaging can be a little bit of a skill, but as long as you're not heavy handed and cause havoc, the foundation shouldn't fly everywhere. It is packaging of pride and glamour and for aesthetic purposes, this ticks all the boxes. I was matched with 108 Sand and had it tested on my whole face. Once the consultant had put what I thought was something completely different on my face, I said, 'that felt lovely, now time for the foundation?' and she said 'No it's already on!' It is genuinely that light on the skin, I didn't realise she'd even put it on me. Clarins do say that it is an 'ultra fine, silky texture' and I'd 100% agree with this. If you hate having foundation on that makes you feel like you're visibly wearing something, then this may be a good one to try. It feels weightless. The coverage is good also. I usually go for medium coverage at the maximum, and this can be built up to medium coverage easily. Even after building up, it doesn't look cakey or powdery around dry areas - it just seems to smooth and highlight your skin. I will add that the kabuki brush is a good brush in itself. I've been using it to apply the foundation, and I've been really satisfied with it, and haven't felt the need to use any other brushes. It's easy to buff the foundation in and distributes a good even amount of product. The foundation is slightly fragranced, kinda like parma violets? But it doesn't smell sickly sweet - just fresh and light. This has been lasting on my skin for about 6-7 hours before I need to touch up slightly, so it's pretty damn good for longevity. 

At £28 a pop, it's the sort of price I'd usually spend on a foundation, but may be expensive for some. However, look at the packaging and what you get with it. It's totally exquisite and the price reflects this. If you like dewy looking skin (and I usually do) then this is more of a matte finish so may not be one for you to try, but it's making a really nice change in the cold weather to have more of a smooth, illuminated matte look. So are you thinking of taking the plunge and trying a loose powder foundation? It's been a good buy for me, and maybe it will be for you too!

-Tamsin xxx

Sephora Instant Eye Makeup Remover

13 November 2012

Nothing makes you feel that you know you like a product quite like repurchasing it. It's like the renewing of vows, and you're confirming to yourself the relationship you have with that particular product. The Sephora 'Super Démaquillant Yeux' or Instant Eye Makeup Remover if you're English like me, is one of these products I repurchase again and again. Every time I'm abroad or know someone who is dropping into Sephora, I always ask them to pop one of these into their basket for me. I usually get the 50ml bottle as seen here, as it's a perfect little size for travel and holidays but they do an 125ml bottle too. This is now my 6th bottle? And a nice new fresh bottle at that!

So what's inside this tropical blue water? Well its sulphates and parabens free, so a perfect choice for sensitive eyes, and also features HydroSenn+ which is a plant extract exclusive to Sephora which softens skins, and as it has forms of olive extracts in, it helps to strengthen eyelashes too. All good things really. It's got a very slight fragrance, but nothing over powering, and actually, it's a highlight for me, because it just feels refreshing and like it's doing the job it's intended for. The packaging is standard and reliable with a screw cap, and a stopper to control how much you're putting onto your cotton pad. The actual product itself is what I'd call user friendly - it doesn't sting, at all, and if you have sensitive eyes/skin, then this will be your friend. If you don't like oily makeup removers, then this may also be one for you to try - there's no greasy residue and the formula is fine and fresh. The name of the product says 'instant' and it is pretty instant..obviously with eye makeup removers, you have to do your usual spiel of taking stubborn longstaying mascara off, but this does it very well.

If you're popping to a country that does Sephora, pop one of these into your basket. The 50ml bottle I have will last a fair while and will only set you back 3.00€ which is nothing at all. (The bigger bottle is 5.50€). Personally, it's not only aesthetically pleasing, but it does the job it's intended for, whilst looking totally cute. 

-Tamsin xxx

fotd: nude friday

9 November 2012

Foundation: Diorskin Forever
Blush: MAC Sun and Moon
Highlighter: MAC Miss Behave
Lips: MAC In Synch with YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Cool Guava on top
Brows: HD Brows
Eyes: Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Cat Eye Mascara

You know when you try and take photos for a blog post and you genuinely hate all of them? Well this was one of those situations. I'm totally unsure of the photo I've included and feel slightly insecure about it? Close ups can be quite scary but such is life and this is the photo I'm using - hopefully it's not too close for your liking! This is a general 'work face' for me. Nude, simplistic and can be variable on lip colour/eyeshadow/blush/bronzer etc. Your face is your oyster with this, which is what I love. Minimal products, extremely quick to do and has a 'no makeup look' to it. I haven't been wearing eyeshadows a lot recently, but quite often I'd use MAC 'All That Glitters' with this look. So there you go..a simple nude look that I wear for work.

I hadn't done a fotd in a long long while - it's quite refreshing in a way of documenting exactly what I use - you can really see what products you use and which you don't. MAC Sun and Moon is being used a real lot recently. Does anyone have any recommendations for blushers?

-Tamsin xxx

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

7 November 2012

I am one to stay loyal to products - you know how it is...you stick to what you know, but occasionally I decide to step outside the box and try something new. The Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream was exactly a result of this box stepping. I have been going a tad Clarins crazy recently, and blog posts coming up in the next few weeks will help you see this, but I am totally 100% sold on this treatment cream. This cream is so intensely moisturising, it's hard to believe it. Clarins say that this cream 'forms an invisible protective glove that shields the hands from the elements,' and shield it does. This is truly a cream..the consistency is thick yet silky, and what might look like a slightly stodgy product massages into the skin and nailbeds quickly and easily, with no residue and greasiness. Even when you wash your hands, you can still feel the product working and it's almost like a barrier, or indeed the 'shield' as Clarins described it. In the current chilly climate we're having, it's been keeping my hands hydrated and soft, and I saw a difference in my cuticles within days. The extract of myrrh (very Christmassy indeed) helps to keep your nails strong..I don't know much about the science of myrrh, but all I know is it smells divine, and my nails haven't peeled or broken. To add to the lush smell of myrrh, there's also sesame oil and Japanese mulberry - very exotic.

Would I recommend you to buy this? Absolutely yes. If you hate sticky greasy oily hands after moisturising, then this product could be your solution, and possibly life saver in this weather. At £19 for 100mls, it's not a bad deal at all, and a 5p size amount of product does all the work you need, so you wouldn't get through it too quickly at all. I have found it for £17.10 on Feel Unique though. This may be a new holy grail product of mine and has unfortuantely bumped the L'Occitane Shea Butter moisturiser down a small notch. All hail Clarins, all hail. 

-Tamsin xxx

Premae Skincare 'Bloggers Know Best' Interview

5 November 2012

A couple of months back, I was interviewed by owner of Premae Skincare, Clare Eluka for her 'Bloggers Know Best' series. It was a real honour to be asked to do this, and on a nice day in August, I got myself organised on Skype and had a webchat with the lovely Clare. Some people may recognise Premae from being included in a She Said Beauty box earlier on this year. After trying the face balm, I was completely sold on the company. Premae are the worlds first 100% allergy free beauty brand, and pride themselves on simplistic yet effective products that do the work without any hassle.

In my interview, I talk about my desert island makeup item, why I find toner important in my skincare routine and lots of other things! Thank you very much to Premae Skincare for including me in this great blogger series. If you don't know Premae Skincare well, I suggest you check them out. Make sure you keep tuned for other fabulous bloggers being interviewed in the 'BKB' series.

-Tamsin xxx