Homemade Pumpkin Pie

31 October 2012

Yes, yes, my mum and I couldn't help ourselves and ate a slice of this yummy pie before I could whip out any form of photography (hence the crumbly pastry..just too good!). But you will understand why if you make it for yourself! Now pumpkins often get forgotten about when it comes to cooking - we're so used to cutting and carving them, and throwing out the gloop in the middle, but pumpkins are a wonderful vegetable and we should try and make better use of them, especially around Halloween. Most homemade pumpkin pie recipes want you to use the whole pumpkin which eliminates carving, but my recipe means you can do both and have a frightfully wonderful Halloween and a yummy pudding.

Sorry for the distinct lack of photos in this post. I wasn't going to blog about this recipe until after I'd made it, and thought it was just too good to share.

- One pumpkin
- 300g sugar (brown or caster)
- 4 eggs
- 1 can of evaporated milk
- 1 can of condensed milk
- 5 teaspoons of all spice
- pastry (homemade or readymade is fine)

1. Scrape out the insides of your pumpkin as you normally would do when starting your carving process. Make sure you carve/scrape as much as you can of the harder flesh so your pumpkin is almost completely hollow. (This will make carving a lot easier too!)

2. Separate the seeds from the flesh.

3. Cut into chunks any harder flesh, put in a bowl with the rest of the stringy goop and cover with cling film. Cook in the microwave for about 15 minutes until soft.

4. Blend the soft pumpkin until a lovely orange puree.

5. Roll out your pastry (homemade or ready made is fine) into a pie dish.

6. Now mix all your ingredients together in a blender. Don't worry if the result is like a runny soup. The pie will firm in the cooking process!

7. Pour into the pie dish and bake for 15 minutes at 210c, and then for 45 mins at 175c.

Leave the pie to cool a little and then serve with ice cream or cream..whichever you prefer! It's not a very heavy pie at all, and the aromatic spices of the all spice go perfectly with the sweetness of the pumpkin. Gorgeous. It's a super easy recipe and hopefully one you can put away for next year or even this year if you have spare pumpkins :)

-Tamsin xxx

Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Cat Eye mascara

12 October 2012

I've raved on about my fav high street mascara, Skyscraper by Collection for well over a year now. I find that because I use mascara so much, it's just not cost effective to keep using high end mascaras, and so a high street mascara is always a must in my books. When I was on the Eurostar recently, my friend was putting on the Colossal Cat Eye mascara from Maybelline and I was totally intrigued. Her eyelashes are always a feature on her face and looked stunning - I wanted what she was using! 

The full name is Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Cat Eye mascara...bit of a mouthful eh? It's very similar to its sister mascara which is the standard Volume Express Colossal mascara, so be careful not to get these two muddled up..they look almost identical on the shelf apart from a little bit of graphic design - the Cat Eye mascara has a leopard print style metallic sheen on the wand. The feature on this mascara is indeed the 'cat eye' claim. The wand has a curved brush giving you the ability to highlight the sides of your eyelashes, giving you the cat eye look you desire. Now personally, I don't find I get any 'cat eye' features from this mascara, but it does certainly help with the outer lashes because of the curved brush. The bristles are very short so there's no mess or mascara fall out, and it makes it generally very easy to use. You can get right to the bottom of the lashes without knowing you're going to gouge your eyes out - nothing worse than poking yourself in the eye with a mascara wand at 7am in the morning is there ladies. It's meant to have a collagen enhanced formula too which will obviously help to widen the eyes and help the feline effect. Again, no feline effect in my opinion, but definite wide open lashes with lots of definition and almost a 60s effect.

The main downside for me is that the lasting power can be a bit iffy. I put my makeup on every morning at 6.45/7am, and I usually reapply a coat at 1pm around lunchtime, which isn't great lasting power in my opinion, especially when Skyscraper is at least £2 cheaper and lasts a lot longer. However, I don't seem to get fall out under the eye which is great, as you often do with high street mascaras. I'd call it more of a lengthening mascara than a volume mascara. This mascara claims up to 9x volume...big claim really isn't it? However, I go for lengthening mascaras rather than volume so this suits me well. I wore this mascara in Dubai in 40 degree heat and it didn't budge, and it's also quick to take off with makeup remover - win.

It's currently £7.99 in Boots, but quite often you can get it for cheaper with some form of deal. Worth £8? Maybe not quite that, but it's certainly going into the books as one of my fav high street mascaras. Move over Skyscraper..there's a newcomer in town.

-Tamsin xxx

RnR in Dubai

8 October 2012


My trip to Dubai has been and gone. It was absolute bliss to see my partner after 3 months apart and I'm very proud of what he does within the Royal Navy. I suppose I should feel very lucky that unlike the Army, our RnR's can be in quite exotic places - granted I didn't get to see him for 2 weeks like those in the RAF and Army would, but 5 days with him was absolutely perfect. I thought I'd show you a couple of photos from my trip whilst I'm getting over a horrible cold/cough/tonsillitis thing and then I can get back into showing you my fav mascaras and moisturisers and all things similar! In the short time we had together in Dubai, we went to Atlantis waterpark, Wild Wadi waterpark, Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, and generally chilled at the beach/pool. We also had the most beautiful suite which was lovely to relax in. I was super sad to leave but his return date is 20th December so I'm hoping it gets here very soon!

-Tamsin xxx