Mulberry Fold Up Leopard Clipper

21 September 2012

So I go to Dubai on Monday, and what is a trip to the airport without a new hand luggage bag? It would be totally incomplete for me, and so a trip to Mulberry was very much necessary. I've always been a massive fan of Longchamp Le Pliage bags and had a far few for travelling in my time - they hold a huge amount, look classy, simple and understated, yet have beautiful detailing and they're easy to spot from afar, not to mention a fantastic design. However, I was set on a Mulberry bag for this Middle Eastern adventure. I've got a number of Mulberry bags, but not a travel bag, so I was set. I wasn't sure whether to get the Mulberry scotchgrain trolley or not - I love mini suitcases for weekends away or rushing through London Waterloo with, but I've always been more of a 'weekend bag' kinda girl. Enter the Mulberry Clipper. Much like the Longchamp Le Pliage, it's a classic fold away travel bag that can be stuffed to the brim. I couldn't help myself but go for the pinky purple leopard print design. I think bags can either be your sleek and understated accessory, or they can be the standout feature, and for this years hand luggage, I definitely went for standout feature.

The Clipper is completely lightweight and user friendly, and you'll only be moaning about how much your arm is hurting depending on how much clothes and makeup you stuff inside. It comes in the cutest little pouch to store away, or if you're me, you'll use it for something else such as an inner bag for a handbag, or to put all your travel documents in for the airport. The foldaway Clipper was £270, but you can buy a similar black one for £250 / £220 (they generally come in Medium and Large sizes). 

Now all I need to do is pack my hand luggage and be off to Heathrow Terminal 5 on Monday to sit in the British Airways lounge with a glass of champagne. Maybe I'll give my new Clipper a seat of its own on the deserves it.

-Tamsin xxx

Back to normal!

12 September 2012

Well, it's been 3 weeks without me posting on Little Glitter and how lovely it is to be back :) Why haven't I posted? Just being busy I guess. I've been to visit family, Disneyland Paris, the paralympics, back to work, the it's just been a case of being so busy I haven't had the time. However, I've missed it loads, and now I'm back in the swing of working life again, I will get into my old routine of posting :)

So what has been going on in my life? A mini update: It's now 99 days till deployment is over. Nearly 3 months has gone already, and then we have another 3 months to do and it will be all done and dusted. I'm off to Dubai in 12 days! Any tips from people who've visited, let me know. I cannot wait to get there now and experience the whole Dubai thing. Waterparks are going to be a must! I went to an Indian wedding and it was quite possibly the best party I have ever been to...I've never had so much fun or such a long day at any wedding. Jai Ho has thus been on repeat since. I went to Disneyland Paris with my mum and two of our friends. It was so empty and was so mega hot it felt like we were in Florida. Minnie ears were compulsory.

I will leave you with some photos. Looking forward to posting and thank you for sticking with me <3

Compulsory ears

Before the fireworks show

These were white before I left for Disney..

Getting patriotic

Vampire face before Sugar Hut

Gangsta hindu before the wedding