Scarf Style Festival Hair @ Lisa Shepherd Salon

10 July 2012

I visited Lisa Shepherd Salon for the second time today to have my hair styled in a festival-ish style using a scarf. Lisa Shepherd is an ultra cool salon where customers can really enjoy their experience of having their hair done, and it's just a stones throw from Oxford Street, meaning you can incorporate having your hair done and shopping all in one go..perfect right? The theme for todays visit was to style scarfs into an easy style that you could wear for any occasion. My lovely stylist decided to go for a Blake Lively look, using the scarf as a head band, and then we decided to plait the scarf into the hair.

Firstly, she backcombed the roots of my hair so there would be a slight beehive to the effect. She then pulled my hair to the lefthand side and tied into a low-ish side ponytail. The scarf was wrapped around the head and looped once around the ponytail. Split the hair into 2 sections, with the scarf being the 3rd section and plait normally. Tie the end up with a band. We then pulled the front sections of my hair down for a boho effect and lightly curled the hair. It was as simple as that! The brilliant thing with this hairdo is that it is so easy, but you can also vary it in quite a few ways, such as making a huge beehive Amy Winehouse-esque, or you could leave the headband out of the plait, or do loose curls. Unfortunately in the photos, the backcombing has gone down because of the silly rain, but it looked amazing :)

I had three compliments on my hair in shops on Oxford St after I'd left the salon which was lovely! It's definitely something I'm going to recreate at home, and it's almost made me kinda guilty that I haven't used scarves more in my hair..something to recify I think! It's such a great Summery idea, but it's just a shame we don't seem to be having much of a Summer at the moment..boohoo. I love the fact it's not meant to look perfect as has a real free spirit feel to it.

If anyone is interested in trying out Lisa Shepherd, visit their website or call 0207 467 9560 - I'd highly recommend the salon with its lovely atmosphere, staff and ethos :)

-Tamsin xxx


  1. It suits you so much and the scarf is so pretty anyway! Its gorgeous wish I had long hair again to do this look!

  2. Oh I love this, I haven't used a scarf in my hair for so long and I only ever used to do it with my hair down! I'll definitely have to give this a try :) x

  3. Ah amazing! I don't think I could do it on myself though! x


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