OPI and Jessica: Lilac to Pink

8 July 2012

L-R: Jessica 'Geranium Gypsy', OPI 'Planks A Lot', Jessica 'Born To Pansy', OPI 'Princesses Rule', OPI 'Pink A Doodle'

These are my fave choices of shades to use for a gradient/ombre effect on nails with the shades of lilac to pink. Personally, I'm not a purple or a lilac kinda girl, but on the nails, I don't mind it as much. All of these shades are very sparkly and have an irridescent feel, but the most matte of the five would be OPI 'Planks A Lot'. They're pretty good for a lighter feel on the nails as none of them are overpowering. I usually go for the lilacs on my baby finger, finishing with the pink on the thumb nail.

Out of Jessica and OPI, I do prefer OPI. I find the consistency slightly better and application very very easy. However, Jessica is a brilliant brand of polish and has some brilliant bright shades for the Summer months (cough..what Summer..cough). Out of the five of these shades, my favourite is definitely OPI Princesses Rule, hence the dried explosion of polish stuck to the side of the bottle.

I've run out of nail wheels so no swatches at the moment, but I plan to get some swatches up on a new nail swatch page asap. Would anyone be interested in seeing some nail polish collections?

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I'm in love with OPI Pink A Doodle, such a gorgeous shade of milky pink. x

  2. My favourite has to be O.P.I's princesses rules. It just looks great on its own or over pink nail polishes! i love the formulations of O.P.I polishes and i hope to add more to my collection very soon. Thanks for sharing~x

  3. I want OPI Planks a Lot so badly, but I have a really similar colour my No 7. It is beautifullll though, and I'm loving the look of Princesses Rule! xx

  4. Lovely colours, love Pink A Doodle by OPI :) xx


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