fotd: pyjama party

14 July 2012

Foundation: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk
Concealer: Rimmel Hide The Blemish
Blush: MAC 'Sun and Moon'
Highlighter: MAC Strobe Cream
Lips: MAC 'Everhip'
Eyeshadow: Make Up Store 'Cotton Candy'
Mascara: Collection Skyscraper
Eyebrows: Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil 'Soft Brunette'
False Lashes: Eylure Naturalites Evening Wear '101'

This is really a 'face of last night' but never mind! I uploaded this Instagram photo and it received the most likes I've had on a photo so fanks guysss, and I thought I'd share it today with the makeup I'd worn. Last night, my mum and I had organised a girls night in, and we told everyone to come in their pyjamas. It was so much fun and everyone came in funny onesies, silk slips, animal printed pjs (mine were cow print ofc) and sequin slippers. It was hilarious and I made Rose's famous melon martini's which were a hit, and we had an array of different thai curries and about 10 pots of our favourite men for dessert, Ben and Jerry. Bed time ended up being about 5am, so I'm not feeling so fresh right now, but the total amazing upside was I literally took off the false lashes, baby wiped my face and fell into bed as I was already in my pyjamas...magic. I haven't laughed so much in so long and I'm pretty sure my cheeks are still hurting. Needless to say, I felt like I had a cement mixer in my head this morning and I'm slowly starting to feel a little more human. I just love the nights where you stay up till the birds start tweeting.

If you'd like to follow my Instagram, I'm starting to use it more than I did! My Instagram is 'titchtamsin' (same as my Twitter) :)

-Tamsin xxx


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  2. Looking lovely! Really like that make-up, glad you had a good time, shame about the "cement mixer head"... LoL

    Going to follow your instagram too since I just started one as well and I'm just trying to get to grips with it.


  3. looks flawless xx

  4. Ohmygosh you are just toooo cute! So glad you had a good time, one problem with living with your bloke is you can't really have nights like this! xx

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