Mudd Facial Masks

26 July 2012

Today I received a lovely surprise from the Royal Mail in the shape of a lovely pink box complete with tied ribbon. Inside the box were some goodies from Mudd Facial Masks. I've heard of Mudd before but never used any of the products, so I am really excited to try these out. I'm a bit of a face mask junkie, and usually, every Wednesday is my face mask pamper night. The three masks I've received are 'Hydrating Sea Clay' for natural hydration (up to 5 applications), 'Deep Cleansing Pure Clay' for deep pore cleansing (up to 10 applications), and a 'Gentle Cleansing Peel Off Mask' for glowing skin (1 application). I'm really looking forward to trying the Sea Clay mask as I'm always after hyrdrating skin products as my skin is quite dry. I love how they have a flip cap too and a squeezable body, which I'm certain will make it easier to know how much you have left.

I've never actually seen them in Boots or Superdrug, probably because I don't tend to buy mud masks from there, but they do retail for a good price, with the 10 application bottle selling at £5.10 which is really reasonable.

I'm going to whack one on my face tonight and test these out for the next week or two. I will report back as and when I feel a review is needed, as I find skin care needs a real good test before you can comment on it. I am super excited for a bit of pamper time this evening now!

-Tamsin xxx

What's in my bag

24 July 2012

So feedback on Twitter told me you all like being a little nosey and want to see what's in my bag! I've never done one of these before so sorry if it's not the most interesting bag in the world. Normally I vary between this Mulberry Mini Alexa and a very large tote from Aldo, but today I was using the Mini Alexa so obviously you can't fit as much in. However, it can be a bit of a tardis!

*Juicy Couture purse: I'm a Juicy girl at heart and always have one of their purses, partly because I love the bling, and partly because they genuinely hold so much it's unreal. I change my purse about every 2 years and this one is currently a year old. I'm still in love with it.

*Blackberry Bold 9900: Obviously I don't go anywhere without this baby ;) My heart belongs to berry and although I am coming round to Apples, I'm keeping my berry for the time being. I genuinely don't know what I'd do without BBM!

*Pen: Just a pen from the hotel I stayed in. I never go anywhere without a pen. You never know when you might need one!

*Denman brush: Yes believe it or not this brush does fit in! I do have a mini denman brush but this was the one I threw in today. I'm going off Denman brushes as mine keep breaking, but they do work very well.

*YSL Paris perfume: I always have a small bottle of perfume for my bag, and today I went for one of my faves from YSL which is Paris. I've been wearing this scent since I was about 15 and I still love it and I don't feel my perfume collection would be a complete 'Tamsin collection' unless it was in it. Plus, this bottle is so skinny it fits perfectly into any bag :)

*Carmex: Finally the hot weather has made an appearance (for how long, I don't know, but that's another story!) and chapped lips always seem to grace my presence. I find Carmex does a really good intensive job for chapped lips, and so I pop one in my bag and my car for those desperate times.

*MAC 'Overtime': My favourite lip shade ever. There's a swatch of it on the swatch page. It's a pro longwear shade and is the perfect pink in my opinion. It goes with everything, great consistency, lasts for ages..I could go on!

*iPod touch: I received one of these as a Christmas present so have been carrying it around with me. I'm loving Instagram (you can follow me on 'titchtamsin') and some of the cool apps that are floating around. I always have it on me to listen to the tunes ;)

*Passport: This isn't permanently in my bag, but I had it on my yesterday because I booked a little holiday to Dubai for September and needed all my passport number and stuff. I'm really excited because in the next 5 months, I'm off to Disney, Cape Verde Islands and now Dubai.

So that's my current 'What's in my bag' post. I might do another in a few months just to see if anything has changed. I hope you enjoyed it :)

-Tamsin xxx

fotd: pyjama party

14 July 2012

Foundation: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk
Concealer: Rimmel Hide The Blemish
Blush: MAC 'Sun and Moon'
Highlighter: MAC Strobe Cream
Lips: MAC 'Everhip'
Eyeshadow: Make Up Store 'Cotton Candy'
Mascara: Collection Skyscraper
Eyebrows: Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil 'Soft Brunette'
False Lashes: Eylure Naturalites Evening Wear '101'

This is really a 'face of last night' but never mind! I uploaded this Instagram photo and it received the most likes I've had on a photo so fanks guysss, and I thought I'd share it today with the makeup I'd worn. Last night, my mum and I had organised a girls night in, and we told everyone to come in their pyjamas. It was so much fun and everyone came in funny onesies, silk slips, animal printed pjs (mine were cow print ofc) and sequin slippers. It was hilarious and I made Rose's famous melon martini's which were a hit, and we had an array of different thai curries and about 10 pots of our favourite men for dessert, Ben and Jerry. Bed time ended up being about 5am, so I'm not feeling so fresh right now, but the total amazing upside was I literally took off the false lashes, baby wiped my face and fell into bed as I was already in my pyjamas...magic. I haven't laughed so much in so long and I'm pretty sure my cheeks are still hurting. Needless to say, I felt like I had a cement mixer in my head this morning and I'm slowly starting to feel a little more human. I just love the nights where you stay up till the birds start tweeting.

If you'd like to follow my Instagram, I'm starting to use it more than I did! My Instagram is 'titchtamsin' (same as my Twitter) :)

-Tamsin xxx

Recipe: Syn Free Chips

12 July 2012

I love this recipe so much that I knew it would be rude not to share it with you. For everyone who thinks you can't eat carbs or chips on a diet, think again, cos with this recipe, you can indulge to your little hearts content and not feel at all guilty. For anyone on Slimming World or who understands the concept, these chips are completely 'Syn Free' for anyone on the green or extra easy plan. These will score you extra family points when trying to impress people, as well as scoring extra yummy tummy points because they're go guilt free.

What you need:
Cooking potatoes (as many as you like depending on how many people you're feeding, or of course, how indulgent you're feeling)
Sea salt
Malt vinegar
Fry Light Spray

Preheat the oven to 240 degrees/gas mark 9. Peel your potatoes and get rid of any blemishes. Chop them into 1cm thick chips - this can vary depending on how you want your chips to be, what size etc.

Bring a large saucepan to the boil, full of salt water (this helps for taste!). Add your little chippies to the pan and keep them on the boil for 4 minutes. When the time is up, drain them and leave them for about 10 minutes to dry a little.

After the 10 minutes drying time, put the chips back in the saucepan. It's time to shake the chips up a little to rough them up and give them a little bit of fluffy texture and individuality. I find that turning the saucepan lid upside down so the handle is on the inside of the pan helps to create this texture. Make sure you do a little dance whilst shaking the chips.

Spray a baking tray with one of the best ever ingredients, Fry Light spray (only 1 calorie per spray.) Spread the chips out on the tray, and give them a spray with the Fry Light so they're covered. This is where you can be a little creative with taste. I like to add some sea salt before cooking so the salt is really cemented into the chips for proper seaside chip flavour. Of course, you could add some piri piri salt, chilli or black pepper to your chips as well. Whack the chips in the oven for around 20-25 minutes, turning occasionally so they all get lovely and golden.

Drain the chips on absorbant kitchen paper (Muppet kitchen towel, obviously) and then serve with salt and vinegar, or any way you like your chips to be served. Remember for slimmers that adding mayo for example will obviously bump up the cal intake. For top brownie points, make up DIY chip cones in old newspaper and serve at parties.

-Tamsin xxx

Scarf Style Festival Hair @ Lisa Shepherd Salon

10 July 2012

I visited Lisa Shepherd Salon for the second time today to have my hair styled in a festival-ish style using a scarf. Lisa Shepherd is an ultra cool salon where customers can really enjoy their experience of having their hair done, and it's just a stones throw from Oxford Street, meaning you can incorporate having your hair done and shopping all in one go..perfect right? The theme for todays visit was to style scarfs into an easy style that you could wear for any occasion. My lovely stylist decided to go for a Blake Lively look, using the scarf as a head band, and then we decided to plait the scarf into the hair.

Firstly, she backcombed the roots of my hair so there would be a slight beehive to the effect. She then pulled my hair to the lefthand side and tied into a low-ish side ponytail. The scarf was wrapped around the head and looped once around the ponytail. Split the hair into 2 sections, with the scarf being the 3rd section and plait normally. Tie the end up with a band. We then pulled the front sections of my hair down for a boho effect and lightly curled the hair. It was as simple as that! The brilliant thing with this hairdo is that it is so easy, but you can also vary it in quite a few ways, such as making a huge beehive Amy Winehouse-esque, or you could leave the headband out of the plait, or do loose curls. Unfortunately in the photos, the backcombing has gone down because of the silly rain, but it looked amazing :)

I had three compliments on my hair in shops on Oxford St after I'd left the salon which was lovely! It's definitely something I'm going to recreate at home, and it's almost made me kinda guilty that I haven't used scarves more in my hair..something to recify I think! It's such a great Summery idea, but it's just a shame we don't seem to be having much of a Summer at the moment..boohoo. I love the fact it's not meant to look perfect as has a real free spirit feel to it.

If anyone is interested in trying out Lisa Shepherd, visit their website or call 0207 467 9560 - I'd highly recommend the salon with its lovely atmosphere, staff and ethos :)

-Tamsin xxx

OPI and Jessica: Lilac to Pink

8 July 2012

L-R: Jessica 'Geranium Gypsy', OPI 'Planks A Lot', Jessica 'Born To Pansy', OPI 'Princesses Rule', OPI 'Pink A Doodle'

These are my fave choices of shades to use for a gradient/ombre effect on nails with the shades of lilac to pink. Personally, I'm not a purple or a lilac kinda girl, but on the nails, I don't mind it as much. All of these shades are very sparkly and have an irridescent feel, but the most matte of the five would be OPI 'Planks A Lot'. They're pretty good for a lighter feel on the nails as none of them are overpowering. I usually go for the lilacs on my baby finger, finishing with the pink on the thumb nail.

Out of Jessica and OPI, I do prefer OPI. I find the consistency slightly better and application very very easy. However, Jessica is a brilliant brand of polish and has some brilliant bright shades for the Summer months (cough..what Summer..cough). Out of the five of these shades, my favourite is definitely OPI Princesses Rule, hence the dried explosion of polish stuck to the side of the bottle.

I've run out of nail wheels so no swatches at the moment, but I plan to get some swatches up on a new nail swatch page asap. Would anyone be interested in seeing some nail polish collections?

-Tamsin xxx