Personalised Bag from The Friendly Party Bag Co.

26 June 2012

Meet my gorgeous new canvas bag, complete with personalisation! I'm absolutely in love with it and it comes from The Friendly Party Bag Co. This lovely company tries to create products that everyone will love, whilst helping the environment by recycling and not using plastic bags. Plastic bags do more harm than good and we are all offenders for this..don't try and pretend! Every plastic bag takes at least 400 years to bio-degrade, some possibly taking up to 1000 years which means not one single plastic bag has ever bio-degraded awful is that? Not to mention the fact that thousands of marine animals die every year mistaking plastic bags for food. I always try to say no to plastic bags and use a bag for life or pop the item in my handbag, but for when I can't do that, this is where my new personalised bag is going to come into the picture.

The Friendly Party Bag Company do fabulous party bags for kids (take note yummy mummies!) but they also do these fab personalised bags. 100% recycled cotton and completely free of chemicals..what could be better? Oh only the fact it has a very Cath Kidston'esque' personalised letter on the front. I absolutely love it and am definitely going to get use out of this bag loads. Tonight, it's coming with me to my zumba class so when I stop by the shop on the way there to get my mandatory bottle of water and banana, I can pop it in the bag, along with my towel. Perfect. It would definitely fit A4 documents and folders in it too, so great for school or the train to work.

This 'Upcycled Bag' retails for £12..what a great idea for a present maybe? You can find there website here and also their eBay shop here. I'd highly recommend this lovely, the items come wrapped so beautifully you don't want to open them! There's no cons ladies..just pros with this fabulous idea.

-Tamsin xxx


  1. This looks so cute! I love a good canvas bag xo


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