The Lazy Manicure

19 June 2012

This is my go-to manicure when I've had lots of bright colours or glitters on my nails over the week, I need a little break from the neons and precise painting and I just want to chill and do my nails really quickly with a nude, almost see-through effect. I call it 'The Lazy Manicure' as it really is so quick and easy that you do feel like you should be spending a little more time on your nails, but the truth is, it's so good and looks so effortless that the guilt is bittersweet!

Firstly, I start by using my four-way nail file - the four sides to this spongy rectangle are the steps you follow: shape, smooth, buff, and polish. I use this file when I want to do it quickly and I don't particularly want to spend the time doing my cuticles etc. It's quick, effective and does the job. I then use a base coat of OPI Natural Base Coat (not pictured) which just helps protect the nail from staining and keeps the nails strong. 

I then use OPI Hearts and Tarts and I usually use about three coats as I like my nails to look nude but glassy. Hearts and Tarts has that wonderful 'my nails but better' look. It's not opaque, but not clear, and has the most wonderful sheen but oh so subtle pink sheen when it catches the light. The formula is outstanding and it applies like a dream..I can't recommend it enough. Essie 'Limo-scene', 'Fed Up' and 'Delicacy' would all be good dupes for OPI Hearts and Tarts.

After this, I apply a coat of OPI Top Coat (not pictured) which adds another gorgeous shine and finish to the nails. Once dry, I moisturise my hands with L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream and I'm good to go. It's as simple as that and takes probably less than 10 minutes. Soft hydrated hands and beautiful shiny nails in no time at all.

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I love loccitane! Great post, I love being lazy ;) x

  2. haha this post was written for me, I am such a lazy person. I heard great things about the l'occitane hand creams. I may look into buying one :) LaceyLoves

  3. I love O.P.I polishes - they go on so nicely. I recently borrowed the shade 'Passion' from my housemate which is really similar to the one above but you only need one, sometimes too coats to get the same colour. Your nails but better as you say! I did a little review here if you wanted to see it :)

  4. I'm exactly the same, I love going bold on my nails but sometimes I take a "break" and wear neutral light colors, like the OPI one you're wearing.


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