Herbalife NouriFusion Eye Gel review

1 June 2012

A while back, I was sent a couple of NouriFusion products from Herbalife. This is my first of three reviews. The eye gel comes in a squeezy tube, perfect for getting a good application of the amount of gel you'd like to use. It's hygienic and easy which is always a good thumbs up. I have quite sensitive skin around the eyes and have to be careful on what I use around it or I get serious stinging and watery eyes. This gel proved to have nothing that would hurt my eye area at all which was really great. It's very cooling and almost aloe vera-ish, so you get a real soothing feel when you use it. Plus, it does have a slight green tinge to it! Another good thing is that it's suitable for all skin types..hooray! In Herbalife's NouriFusion range, they have a great use of Vitamins A, C and E which are all great for the skin, locking in moisture, preventing premature ageing, boosting the skins immune system and regulating skin pigmentation, so you can be certain you're getting a good deal here and not just a mere cooling gel for the eyes.

For this good deal, it's £24.70 which isn't cheap, but some skincare products are a lot more expensive so it depends how you want to look at it. For sensitive skin, I'd recommend it. If it worked for me, I'd love to think it would work for you as my eye area is crazy sensitive. However, please remember that everyone's skin is different so bear this in mind. I'm almost at the end of the tube and it's making me sad! I think I may repurchase, but probably for my holiday in December - I think it would work really well in cooling and soothing after a day in the sun :)

-Tamsin xxx


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