Heel To Toe 'Moisture Rich Foot Masque'

17 June 2012

We're getting into the..shall I dare say 'Summer months' and our feet are usually on show a lot more than usual due to wearing flip flops and gorgeous sandals. We're on our feet all the time and it occurred to me the other day that I probably don't spend enough time pampering my feet as I probably should. When it comes to feet on blogs, a lot of people hate looking at them - don't worry I'm not going to bare my feet for the world to see, but I am going to tell you about a product I've been using this last week which has changed my feet completely.

Heel to Toe is a product of Sally's beauty supplies and I'd always overlooked it before, but while browsing the other day, I made myself buy something for my feet to give them a little bit of TLC. I went for the Moisture Rich Foot Masque for a bit of a more intense treatment. With scents of lavender, peppermint and avocado, it smells fresh and not too perfumed. The masque itself is quite a thick formula. It won't just trickle out of the bottle easily. I'd recommend shaking it before taking off the cap and then you should be able to squeeze out the masque. The idea is that you put the masque on your feet, wrap in a towel for 10 minutes, and then wash off in warm water. I used about a 50p size of the masque on each foot, massaged into feet paying special attention to the heels and then wrapped in a towel. After washing off, my feet felt like a baby's bum. No joke. My slightly cracked heels felt moisturised and hydrated, and then it made it easier to scrub the heels after. The masque has kept my feet and heels feeling a lot more moisturised since I've used it, and my feet look in a lot better condition, especially when the fake tan is on!

I bought the little 60ml travel size bottle as I wanted to try it out first, and I will definitely be buying the full size bottle when I've finished the little one up. I'm going to use the masque once a week during the Summer months I think to keep my feet in tip top condition. This size is perfect for travel too so would suit anyone going away on holiday..your feet will definitely need it with all the chlorine, salt water, sun and sand! The best news is that this little bottle is only £1. Yes really..£1. I've decided to be kind and if anyone would like to get their hands on the 60ml bottle if you don't have a Sally's near you, I'm happy to buy it and send it to you for £2 (£1 for the bottle and £1 for postage). If anyone is interested, just tweet me (@titchtamsin) or comment below :) I have a Sally's a 1 minute drive from me so I'm happy to help :)

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Ah I really should use more foot products! I just forget about them half the time! This looks really good!

  2. My feet are crying out for me to use some feet products on them. I have been neglecting them. Ooops :) LaceyLoves

  3. Oooh I'm interested!! My email is: jessicab4b3s@live.co.uk
    I need some of this in my life, my feet need a bit of TLC!

  4. This sounds perfect! My feet are constantly on show and whilst they're OK- not too gross or anything- they can get a little dry and feels good to pamper them! xx

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