Hair Raising #ClynolGrip Competition

13 June 2012

When Immediate PR tweeted about a competition to create a 'hair raising' hairdo with Clynol Grip Extra Strong Hairspray, I was beyond game! I love creating new hairdos and I'd never tried any hairspray from Clynol so it seemed like a great opportunity. The competition prize is to win tickets to Thorpe Park. Now I've been to Thorpe Park well over 100 times and just love it there so much..adrenaline junkie..I admit, so I decided to see if I could feature a little of Thorpe Park in my will be explained later! I knew I wanted to go for a 1960s style hairdo if I could, so out came the kirbygrips, hairbands, and of course, the Clynol Grip.

Firstly, I must say I love the design of the Clynol Grip. It's silver, sleek, nothing too over the top and promotes what I would say as being a typical salon product. Extra Hold hairsprays can often be quite sticky and overbearing, and at first when I sprayed it I thought my hair was never going to move. But after using a GHD paddle smoothing brush, my hair didn't feel sticky at all and I could style it quite easily. Now, back to the Thorpe Park in my hair idea. The ride Stealth is a bit of a trademark to Thorpe Park - fast, thrilling and high rise! This is my take on it:

What do you think? My 1960s bouffant bun cross Stealth hairdo?! I can't see it on the runway anytime soon, but it was fun to do! Here's how I achieved it:

*Split hair in half (top and bottom) and tie the bottom bit up for now
*Flip head over and spray roots with Clynol Grip
*Backcomb and flip head back up (you should have caraaaazay hair now..if not, keep backcombing!)
*Smooth using a smoothing paddle brush
*Gather hair and push up from the back, creating a very large bouffant/beehive effect
*Pin with (a million) kirbygrips
*Take bottom half of hair and twist into a bun (should be quite a small bun)
*Pin into place with more kirbygrips
*Spray with a generous amount of Clynol Grip

Hopefully you can see the effect I was going for. I wanted big big height in the bouffant, representing the height in the ride Stealth, and 'secureness' and strength from the Clynol Grip. I will admit I threw my head around wildly afterwards and not a hair moved from my head. Hopefully you can see how many millions of kirbygrips I had to use in the photos above! As far as buying this hairspray goes, I would 100% buy it again. I have so many problems with hairspray's not holding my hair, especially when I curl my hair, and this kept my hair so secure for hours. At £7.15 for 300mls, I think it's brilliant value for money, especially as it's intended for salon professional performance. I also need to add that the scent of the hairspray wasn't crazy toxic like some hairsprays can be. Usually my dog is coughing and spluttering along with me, but he happily sat on the bed watching me as I created the 'do' (probably thinking, wow you look caraaazay).

I hope you enjoyed my entry for the #ClynolGrip competition. It was brilliant fun to do and it was just as fun taking out all the kirbygrips ;)

For more info on Clynol Grip, go to the Clynol Website. To purchase, you can find it on Feel Unique, Hair Supermarket and Beauty Bay.

-Tamsin xxx


  1. This looks stunning, now do you want to come and do my hair? :-)


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  2. This looks absolutely amazing!

  3. Oooo I love this :)

  4. I love this! Really creative x

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  6. Such a beautiful look, a very well deserved winner :) x

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