YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in No.9 'Cool Guava'

11 May 2012

This time last year saw the launch of the Volupte Sheer Candy range from YSL. I'd been unable to get my hands on the one I wanted (number 9 Cool Guava) for so long and everywhere I went, it was completely out of stock. Fortunately, my Mum spotted it in duty free for me recently and grabbed it super quickly. Now we all know that YSL have possibly the most beautiful of all lipstick packaging in the entire world..you cannot say that you don't feel the slightest bit luxurious when you whip an YSL lippie out of your bag. It is stunning. Personally, I feel a lot of people buy the YSL lippies for the packaging in particular...remember ladies that it is about the formula and wear of the lippie too! The Volupte Sheer Candy range are like a balm/gloss. Think of the more recent Revlon Lip Butters and this is a similar comparison, or of course comparisons to the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. 

Cool Guava is a bright pink in the tube, but as with all the lip balms, it's a hint of the colour that ends on your lips. The smell of this lippie is just amazing - watermelon/mango flavours which remind you of a Caribbean holiday. There is a small amount of shimmer, but nothing too over the top that would put you off if you're not a shimmer girl. Another great thing about these balms is that they are very buildable. As the name says, they are sheer, but you can layer to make more of the shade. The formula is easy to apply and does feel like a balm as it should, but does feel quite creamy too. It's not the most moisturising lip balm in the world, but I usually apply Carmex before bed and in the morning to help keep my lips moisturised, and throughout the day if needed so this isn't a massive problem to me. Another highlight of the packaging (ok YSL definitely win on packaging front!) is that you know the shade of the lippie from the outside. It's a massive bonus in my opinion, as you know which shade it is straight away.

At £23.50, these lip balms don't come cheap, and remember that these are first and foremost lip balms with a hint of colour. If you're after a YSL lipstick, then I'd recommend the Rouge Volupte range which are also £23.50. However, for a general work day, these balms suit me perfectly. They're not too over the top but give you a hint of sheen, colour and luxury all rolled into one.

-Tamsin xxx


  1. YSL packaging is what draws me to their products! So luxurious yet sturdy and good quality. I am not really a fan of their Rouge volupte lipsticks because i find them too creamy and slides around alot. I have tried to like them, but its quite difficult and impractical to re-apply during the day. This sheer candy range just seems perfect and requires less effort!
    I should be investing in some soon, so thanks for sharing :) I hope they do a coral shade because i have too many pinks~ hehe


  2. This looks like a gorgeous shade, I quite like how sheer it is :) I wish I could justify spending £23.50 on a lipstick, they're just so pretty!

    Frances xx


  3. Beautiful shade, I love YSL lipstick and gloss, not as much as chanel though.

  4. Such a lovely shade, I love YSL lipsticks. x

  5. Love this, have always lusted over these. Would really like to try this shade one day!


  6. I have one of the rouge volupte and the formula is amazing. Love the look of these though. M xx

    The CSI Girls

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