Wishlist: Bikinis

24 May 2012

Some of you may know from Twitter that my partner and I have booked a holiday for December. He deploys for 6 months soon so we don't get a Summer holiday together, so we've booked one over New Year when he gets back. We're off to Cape Verde islands and I'm super excited..even if it is months away yet! I also joined Slimming World as I want to lose a little weight, and I thought that with a holiday 7 months away, it's the perfect time to start my healthy eating plan, and do it right. I'd recommend Slimming World to anyone. Even if you only want to lose a couple of pounds, the whole ethos and package is amazing. It's my first weigh in tonight so wish me luck!

I guess you could say today's wishlist is a little pointless, as I'm trying not to buy any clothes until I've lost a significant amount of weight, but as the holiday is booked, I've been lusting over bikinis like mad. I actually think what I might do, is buy some of the bikinis in August or in the sale when hopefully by then I will have lost some weight, but this gives me an idea of what I want to get, and also the motivation to it!

I was in New Look this morning helping a colleague by some comfy maternity trousers and I came across these gorgeous bikinis. Believe it or not, I've never bought a bikini from New Look and I was seriously impressed.

Florescent Aztec Triangle Bikini Top £12.99
Black Metal Stud Bandeau Bikini Top £19.99
Frill Bandeau Bikini Top £5.99
Multi Coloured Ombre Zigzag Bandeau Top £12.99

I'm so odd with my bikinis and never usually wear matching top and bottoms..I usually go for a coloured bandeau top and black bottoms, or I just mix and match. I always go for bandeaus usually too because I'm a bit of a tanning queen and insist on getting as much of my tanned as possible..no strap marks thank you ;) The frill bandeau bikini top has 3 different colours, and as they're so cheap I might try and get them in all 3 colours! I also love bright bikinis which improve the look of your tan, so the ombre one is right up my street!

So there are my motivation bikinis :) Does anyone else do Slimming World? Any tips?

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I am crazy for bikini's right now! They are even cheaper here, like $5! Must stop! I don't know how you are with a military dude, I couldn't do it, 6 months!! I could barely handle 4 :( and good luck with the weight losin!

  2. Beautiful bikinis!!! I love the two from the right thanks for sharing!

  3. Oooo! I love the florescent aztek bikini top! So girly! xo

  4. They're all so, so cute! I know loads of people who've lost loads of weight on Slimming world so I'm sure you'll do amazing too. Booking holidays and nice things to d is so important for long distance don't you think ?:) We're going to manchester and Alton towers together in September and thats my little deadline to drop two dress sizes (trafford centre = wardrobe shopping! wooo), I wanted to go abroad but really cant afford to :(



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