theBalm Nude'tude eyeshadow palette

8 May 2012

Another post from American company The Balm. This is basically The Balm's take on the ever popular nude palettes such as Urban Decay Naked Palette. The palette is slim and sleek, and like the rest of their products, the packaging is just fantastic. It gives a fun, vintage feel to the item and is a bit more interesting than some basic palettes. You get 12 shadows and a double ended brush (but who actually uses the brushes you get free?!). You also get a mirror inside which is also handy, and a magnet that keeps the palette closed (which seems incredibly strong!). 

Swatches are in top/bottom pairs..hope that makes sense!

Sassy: frosty white..good pigmentation. Very smooth to apply. Seems good for highlighting around the brow area and corners of eyes.

Snobby: rich yellow..came off quite powdery and difficult to apply which was a shame, so I can't see it getting very used.

Stubborn: a very light frosted of my favourites from the palette. Definitely appears lighter than in the pan!

Stand-offish: a bronze/light brown/hint of red frosted shade..pigmentation was really good for this and it's lasted well on the times I've worn it. Almost metallic.

Selfish: frosted taupe colour..another of my faves, and a slight dupe for MAC Satin Taupe, but I think Satin Taupe is slighly redder possibly.

Sultry: more matte brown..not one that I think I will use often as I do like my frosts and metallics, but blended really well and was smooth to apply.

Schitzo: warm brown with metallic shimmer..easy to wear and had good lasting power. Had major fall out with it but nothing too drastic!

Sophisticated: brown with bronze shimmer..lovely shade, although slightly too brown for me I think.

Sexy: matte burgundy..had good pigmentation and applied well.

Silly: brown with copper sparkles..I like this shade a lot also it feels a bit too sheer for a shade you could have as a base. This might look good layered over another one of the shades?

Sleek: matte brown..pigmentation was crazy on this and lasting power was strong. Took ages to clean off!

Serious: semi-black matte..not as dark on the skin as it is in the pan for any fraidy cats like me!

Now I really do like this palette. The shades are great, the theme is fabulous as ever and it seems to have a good vibe from it. However, I always find I never use the darker shades in palettes. I'm such a wimp when it comes to dark eyeshadow as I have small eyes and I find it makes them smaller. I'm trying to branch out a little more with the dark shadows, as Sexy is a gorgeous shade, and I'd like to wear it more. In a comparison to Naked palette? Well, the shades aren't very similar I must admit, so these almost feel like two very different palettes. Don't go buying this palette expecting a Naked palette dupe because you wont get it. However, if you want a fun, good range palette with really good formula shadows that are super easy to apply, then this would be a good one to get.

If you do fancy buying this palette, head to and you can buy it for £30.99. Yes, it's quite expensive, but for 12 really well pigmented eyeshadows, which have a different edge to the Naked palette, I'd definitely recommend it!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. This palette looks great. Lovely selection of colours. I really like "Stand-offish".


  2. Oh i love the look of this palette! All the shades are just gorgeous! xo

  3. Love the packaging, the shades look so pretty too - I really like the look of Stand-Offish and Silly! x

  4. i love the packaging and the placement of the eyeshadow alignment give it that edge to the palette. I would love to try this out soon~ Thanks for sharing x

  5. It looks really good! I love the packaging too :)

  6. Silly, selfish and stand-offish look amazing! Such a great, varied pallete! Xo

  7. This looks like a lovely palette, I really like that there is a nice mix of mattes, satins and shimmers as I personally like mattes for the day time and shimmers in the evening. I'm really interested in The Balm products, they seem to be popping up a bit more lately, I need to look in to them and try some :)

    Frances xx

  8. I never tries this brand, but this palette looks great, the typical must have! great completed palette, thanks for sharing

  9. The packaging is so pretty! Lovely colours, especially the stubborn shade. I have the naked 2 palette and I use it everyday! xx

  10. Wow, I have never seen this before but it looks great!
    Nice subtle shades that are great for night and everyday :-)

  11. This looks so pretty! Selfish and Silly are perfect, and I love the layout of the palette, weird as that sounds (:

  12. Oh I love it, so nice to see a change from the usual palettes! The shades are definitely me as I'm not too created with my eyeshadow usually neutral or a smokey eye!

    joanne from

  13. Oh gosh! I'm a bit jealous because I honestly think I NEED this palette :)

  14. It really reminds on the Naked palette! What a cute packaging!!!
    p.s. U have really lovely blog!:)
    Happy Saturday!! xoxo


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