Moroccan Argan Oil review

14 May 2012

For the last month and a half, I have been using some Moroccan Argan Oil in my skincare routine. Personally, I'm not a massive fan of lathering myself in oils as my skin is still quite a mix of combinations, and I like to keep the oils to a minimum. However, as always when I try a product, I aim to give a decent test (with skincare I find it needs at least a month to see if your skin gets on with it and what the results are etc). Argan Oil contains tons of Vitamin E and antioxidants, so it's great for the skin, cuticles and hair. It's a similar type of product to Moroccan Oil, in that they both come from Morocco but Argan Oil comes from a different type of tree. The product comes in a standard jar with a pipette.

When using the Argan Oil on my hair, I used it quite sparsely as my hair gets greasy quickly. I'd towel try my hair and then use a few pipette drops, rub into my hands and then run through the bottom third of my hair. The results were smoothing, soft and kept fly-aways to a minimum, however I think I prefer my Aussie hair leave in conditioners to do the same type of effect. I doubt I'll use it much for my hair, as it was with my skin that I found the best results. I tried this as a moisturiser on the skin after baths, and wow does it keep your skin feeling hydrated. I last used it yesterday morning, and even now after showering, my skin still feels that little bit more smooth, soft and almost healthy? There's nothing worse than leathery feeling skin and this just brings all the bounce and life back into skin that's needed. I generally used it on my skin once or twice a week, but definitely no more as I think that would be too much for my type of skin. Another thing I used it for was a bath oil. I'd drop maybe two full pipettes into the bath and have a good soak. Again, it made my skin feel very lubricated and relaxed which was a nice touch to your average bath. A little goes a long way with this product and I'd say I've used one tenth of the bottle, so it's a good money saver.

Downsides for me was the smell. It's a natural, organic, veggie and vegan friendly product which is great, but I just can't hack the smell. I can deal with it in small doses but it doesn't smell like something I'd want to put on my body. It's fabulous that it's a wonder oil that you can use for practically anything, but the smell puts me right off. I will continue to use it, but probably not as much as I have to the process of trying it. I love me some gorgeous fragrances and this just doesn't have it!

You can buy Argan Oil from Holland and Barrett for £12.99.

Has anyone else tried Argan Oil?

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I just bought some too and the smell freaked me out! Will persevere x

  2. I agree it does not smell nice, but it does not bother me much. I think you could add to it a few drops of your fav essintial oil ( it is lavender and jasmine for me) and voila. I am still to try it on my hair though. :)

  3. You can also get deodorised cosmetic Argan oil (without the horrible smell!) for using on your hair and skin at just remember to sign up for their newsletter to get an instant discount.



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