Monday Update

28 May 2012

001. I was hoping to get two new posts up this weekend, but to no avail. Turns out what I thought was the worst hangover of my life is actually food poisoning. I've never been so sick in my life, ever! A full 20 hours of it! Fortunately, I had my trusty Sailor rubbing my back for a lot of the time and stroking my hair. He even made me laugh which is hard to do when you feel like you're dying. The health centre has signed me off work today as I have no energy at all and need to rest. Has anyone else ever had food poisoning? Mine was from chicken. Puts me off eating it all together! Hopefully I will be feeling better by tomorrow.

002. Slimming World has been going really well! I'm going with a friend and it's great motivation. I'm also getting loads of support from other friends and Twitter which is fab. I've lost 7lbs in 2 weeks which is exciting and one step closer to the perfect bikini body! I'd recommend Slimming World to anyone, and there are so many different people who go, varying from people wanting to lose loads of weight and change their lives forever, to people wanting to lose a stone for their holiday, but lose it in a safe and healthy way. Plus, you never go hungry - yes I didn't believe it either but it's true! I'm working hard and doing a minimum of 10k cycle a day, along with with this abs workout (loads of people have asked me for the link, so here it is for anyone who's interested). The workout is only 4 mins long, and anybody can fit it into their day, I'm sure! I started seeing and feeling results after my 3rd time of doing it!

003. My parents are moving house in a week and a half - the move is finally here! Fortunately, they're moving in school half term, so I can go home and help with everything. It will be fun to redecorate a room and start again. I still haven't decided on a scheme for my room, but as it's a 500 year old cottage with wooden beams everywhere, I'm thinking Laura Ashley flowers possibly?

004. Before the whole food poisoning thing began, I managed to catch some sun on Saturday finally. I tan really easily which is fab, but a lot of people are not big on the tanning thing. What are your views on tanning? I personally think as long as you use a decent SPF and make sure you moisturise with aloe vera gel after, then it's not a bad thing. I don't burn, but I always wear a minimum of SPF 15. I also use a couple of tanning accelerators but that's usually when I'm on holiday. It's just nice not having to fake tan and having a proper sunkissed tan! What do you guys think?

I will leave you with a cute photo of Max from last Friday. His favourite thing at the moment is 'fetch' (he's learnt loads of commands which is great) and it's nice having a playaround in the afternoon sun. He's such a cutie. I'm close to 600 followers too! Hopefully I will get a little giveaway up if I get there :)

-Tamsin xxx  


  1. Hey chick! Hope you feel better soon! Food poisoning is so shit, but hopefully it will pass quickly, was good sailor was there to make you feel better :) i wish i tanned but I never do so i have to resort to fakey fake. I hate using it and it always looks rubbish in at least one area! Well done on losing weight, I know how hard it can be, especially to stay motivated but you're doing really well! Fingers crossed you get to 600 soon! Xxxx

  2. It's great that you're okay now, I've never had food poisoning but from what I've heard, it's not very pretty. Cute dog btw! x

  3. Hope you're feeling better now. Food poisoning may suck balls but it has probably inadvertently gotten you another step closer to the perfect bikini body.

  4. Oh no hope you're feeling better by the time you get this! My mam had it before, they think it was from salad that came with a dish from an Indian restaurant. She was sooo bad, admitted to hospital aswel. I hate being unwell, it sucks. At leats you have your mister taking good care fo you, so sweet!

    joanne from


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