GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush

22 May 2012

I've been trying out this GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush since the beginning of April, and I now feel I can give a decent review on it after using it for a month and a half. I'd hoped to get the review out earlier, but because of the crappy weather, it was so difficult to get decent photos and see the results of longevity from the brush. But never fear, the review is finally here!

Looking nice and glamourous in my Help For Heroes top ;)

This brush is the Size 3 brush which has a 45mm barrel. I went for this brush as it's for slightly longer hair, and seemed suited to my hair type. It's a decent size brush, with a non-slip handle (I love this as I'm pretty haphazard with my brushes and they always slip out of my hand!) and a ceramic barrel.When I was younger, I used to blow dry my hair every day before school, and either leave it or crack out the GHD straighteners to curl or get it poker straight, depending on my mood. Blow drying generally gives your hair a bit more volume and texture I think, compared to straightening which can leave your hair a bit lank sometimes. I find that with just blow drying, you can get flyaway hair, static hair and it never looks as neat a couple of hours later. In comes this brush. It didn't do any of the things I just mentioned, and kept my hair poker straight and neat and tidy for a whole working day. The ceramic barrel is the wonder feature here. As the hot air from your hair dryer blows onto the brush, the ceramic barrel keeps warm as you're bringing the brush from root to tip, and the vents in the brush help to circulate the air. It's actually a very clever idea from GHD (they are jammy dodgers arn't they) and I've never had blow drying results like this with one brush before. I haven't really used it to do waves with, as my hair doesn't hold curls unless you use straighteners unfortunately, but I'm tempted to give it a go - you never know, the ceramic barrel could work it's magic!

This brush is £17.50 and for the results you get, it's an absolute steal. It's almost like having a heated brush in a way, and if you think what you might spend on straighteners? I told you. Steal! If you have different length hair, or type of hair, keep listening as they do the ceramic brushes in different barrel sizes which you can find here. No excuse for not having perfect blow-dried hair now!

-Tamsin xxx


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