Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

3 May 2012

Another blogging hype is here, and this time it's in the format of a nail polish remover. I picked it up this afternoon and tested it out tonight as my nails were due to be done. The remover comes in a pot which you dip your nail into and it claims to rid your nail of the polish in 1 second. The photos are off my nails before (chips ahoy!) and are with one second of usage, and it's a little optimistic of Bourjois I think as it's not all off, but for 1 second, it's not half bad! It took off all my polish in about 3-4 seconds each with a little turning of my finger. It's not as thorough as using cotton wool, but cuts out a massive load of time, so I am very impressed! Plus, it smells lovely with a vanilla and fruit scent, and is nourished with almond oil.

This item isn't exclusive though..there's been a couple of versions of the concept on the shelves of Boots and Superdrug for years, but I doubt you'd notice the pots because their packaging is so poor. In a phone call to Brogan this evening, we were chatting about it and even she mentioned that when on holiday in Egypt, she was sold a similar thing and the seller said his wife had been using it for over 10 years!

For £4.99, I think it's worth the money. I'd love to see it take off glitter polish, so that's my next trial, as we all know how annoying and tedious glitter polish can be to take off. However, a little tip - the sponge inside doesn't retain the solution. I knocked over the pot when taking photos and it was literally like knocking over a cup of water. I'm not sure how much solution I've lost from the pot, but you live and learn, so take care with it!



  1. I bought this today as well! Great minds ;) x

  2. So glad to see a review of this, I've seen loads of hype but no actual reviews. It looks pretty good! And as it's got almond oil I'm hoping it might not be too drying. x

  3. I also had seen similar products on holidays, but hardly any like this in UK. Will defiantly give this one a go. x

  4. I remember having something like this ages ago and really hating it! I think it must have smelt really strongly and I didn't like it because I ended up with it all over my finger! Maybe if this has a nice smell it will change my opinion. K x

  5. I really do need to get my hands on this!

  6. I've used other brands with the same idea and a little tip, if you knock it over like I do just top it up with regular nail polish remover. I think it's the sponge that does the work rather than any particular solution.

    Sarah xx

  7. Great review :)
    I may have to look into purchasing this as I'm curious as to whether it will last out longer than normal liquid remover.
    Thanks for sharing



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