Filthy Gorgeous 'Valentine'

30 April 2012

Stop the press..for two reasons. One: I am wearing RED on my nails, and two: I'm back after a little two week hiatus! But firstly, lets get to the nails. This polish came from April's She Said Beauty box (which I wasn't overly impressed with, but that's another story). If you know me, chances are you know that I hardly ever wear red on my nails, and if I have, you won't have seen me wear it. I struggle with red in a lot of respects and don't really wear it in clothes or make-up, but as with all beauty boxes, I make sure I try everything I get and give it a fair trial - after all, that is the point of beauty boxes.

Now, I absolutely hate this packaging. In my eyes, for a £9 bottle, it comes across as cheap, tacky and very 1998 sleepover-ish. Even the writing on the front of the bottle has started rubbing off already, which in my book is naaat good. However, my mind changes on the formula. This polish is so smooth and easy to apply..possibly one of the easiest I've come across! In the photos, I am genuinely wearing one coat as that was all that was needed to get the glossiness and shine that I'd expect from a red polish, which I was super pleased about. 'Valentine' is a very deep berry red, and comes across as quite vampish, which I'm actually quite enjoying. Other than me applying the worst nail job in the world, so far so good with chipping. I only used an Orly top coat and all seems to be going ok, but of course this could change. Would I buy this in the shops? No, and this is because of the packaging. It just goes to show that you can't judge a book buy it's cover, but Filthy Gorgeous should maybe think about their packaging for that reason, as they could be losing customers.

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I totally agree. Most of the products in last month's She Said box weren't my cup of tea, and I thought the packaging was awwwwffuul and not something I'd ever buy. But, it was a really good polish! I was very surprised/impressed.

    Great review! :) xx

  2. Ooh, this looks like such a pretty raspberry colour... The packaging does look a little cheap but it's good that the product worked well :)

    Frances xx


  3. I love the colour! I barely wear red either, usually it just seems a bit too bold for me, but the polish looks gorgeous in how it applies xx

  4. This colour is absolutely gorgeous but the packaging is just horrible! xx

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  5. Red is definitely my favourite colour to wear on my nails, this shade is beautifull xx


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