#aussieangels Competition Entry

30 April 2012

'There's more to life than hair, but it's a very good place to start.'
I do believe with that phrase, Aussie you've really captured my heart!
Appearance isn't everything, but it's the first thing that we see
People can't escape it, neither you nor me.
So whether we like it or not, we're judged a little too much,
But we can make it easier, with a little bit of the Aussie touch!
Aussie has the power to help our hair troubles fly away,
Whether it's a sunny Sunday or a really rainy day.
When we panic about that frizzball we really don't need on a date,
Or when you're out on your birthday (and you dread your drunken fate!)
When you're off on your holidays, thinking of the guys you might meet,
Don't worry about your sun dried hair, as you're prepared with Take The Heat!
When you've partied way too hard and your hair feels pretty dead,
Miracle Moist is there beside you, already one step ahead.
For those whose hair is enviously long and floating down your back,
Don't forget your Luscious Long to help keep you on track.
For girls like me who've dyed their hair a criminal amount of times,
Don't worry cos you have your Colour Mate to keep your hair at prime!
Backcombing and hairspray are two ways to get big hair,
Or maybe try your loyal Aussome Volume to help give you big flair.
If you're still scared of the frizzball that I mentioned before,
Plan ahead with Frizz Miracle (it will keep your date wanting more!)
For the girls who are busy on the go and need an all round shampoo win,
Then the Mega range is the one for you and it's totally not a sin!
Bigger is better with Aussie, and I'm sure we'll all agree
Their massive bottle additions were a hit with you and me.
The Aussie life is down to earth, and this comes across so well,
You can feel it in their products, and you have to shout and tell!
3 Minute Miracle Moist is my favourite product of all,
And a bottle of it always comes with me, whether it's big or small.
I know this poem is really cringe, and I probably sound kinda bad,
But I don't care cos I love Aussie loads and for them I'm really glad.
They've done so well from being so genuine and making all girls feel lush,
Our hair is fab, and smells so great..Oh Aussie I love you so much!

Above is my entry for the Aussie Angel competition. It's possibly the worst poem I've ever written, but it was good fun to write and I feel very strongly about Aussie as a company so even if I don't become one of the new Aussie Angels, then at least I've shown them my gratitude and thanks as a loyal customer. Why should I become an Aussie Angel? I guess it's all in the poem. There is more to life than beauty and hair, but whilst we can make an effort, why not make that effort with Aussie. I just find that Aussie is the company I continue to come back to after everything and it's because they have such a brilliant combination of elements - they do what they say on the tin, smell out of this world, and have a genuine, kind and caring team behind Aussie looking out for the fans. I don't work in beauty..I work in school teaching kids Music and I think I could be a good ambassador for the ladies who lead a busy life, with Aussie at their side! I've included a photo of me on a night out with a ridiculous expression on my face. It's nothing glamorous and I certainly don't look my best, but my GOD did my hair feel fabulous. Thank you Aussie <3

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Haha if only I could write a poem like that! I hope you win xxx

  2. Aww I love your poem! Good luck lovely! Xxx

  3. awww great poem, hope you get one of the places!! xx


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