#aussieangels Competition Entry

30 April 2012

'There's more to life than hair, but it's a very good place to start.'
I do believe with that phrase, Aussie you've really captured my heart!
Appearance isn't everything, but it's the first thing that we see
People can't escape it, neither you nor me.
So whether we like it or not, we're judged a little too much,
But we can make it easier, with a little bit of the Aussie touch!
Aussie has the power to help our hair troubles fly away,
Whether it's a sunny Sunday or a really rainy day.
When we panic about that frizzball we really don't need on a date,
Or when you're out on your birthday (and you dread your drunken fate!)
When you're off on your holidays, thinking of the guys you might meet,
Don't worry about your sun dried hair, as you're prepared with Take The Heat!
When you've partied way too hard and your hair feels pretty dead,
Miracle Moist is there beside you, already one step ahead.
For those whose hair is enviously long and floating down your back,
Don't forget your Luscious Long to help keep you on track.
For girls like me who've dyed their hair a criminal amount of times,
Don't worry cos you have your Colour Mate to keep your hair at prime!
Backcombing and hairspray are two ways to get big hair,
Or maybe try your loyal Aussome Volume to help give you big flair.
If you're still scared of the frizzball that I mentioned before,
Plan ahead with Frizz Miracle (it will keep your date wanting more!)
For the girls who are busy on the go and need an all round shampoo win,
Then the Mega range is the one for you and it's totally not a sin!
Bigger is better with Aussie, and I'm sure we'll all agree
Their massive bottle additions were a hit with you and me.
The Aussie life is down to earth, and this comes across so well,
You can feel it in their products, and you have to shout and tell!
3 Minute Miracle Moist is my favourite product of all,
And a bottle of it always comes with me, whether it's big or small.
I know this poem is really cringe, and I probably sound kinda bad,
But I don't care cos I love Aussie loads and for them I'm really glad.
They've done so well from being so genuine and making all girls feel lush,
Our hair is fab, and smells so great..Oh Aussie I love you so much!

Above is my entry for the Aussie Angel competition. It's possibly the worst poem I've ever written, but it was good fun to write and I feel very strongly about Aussie as a company so even if I don't become one of the new Aussie Angels, then at least I've shown them my gratitude and thanks as a loyal customer. Why should I become an Aussie Angel? I guess it's all in the poem. There is more to life than beauty and hair, but whilst we can make an effort, why not make that effort with Aussie. I just find that Aussie is the company I continue to come back to after everything and it's because they have such a brilliant combination of elements - they do what they say on the tin, smell out of this world, and have a genuine, kind and caring team behind Aussie looking out for the fans. I don't work in beauty..I work in school teaching kids Music and I think I could be a good ambassador for the ladies who lead a busy life, with Aussie at their side! I've included a photo of me on a night out with a ridiculous expression on my face. It's nothing glamorous and I certainly don't look my best, but my GOD did my hair feel fabulous. Thank you Aussie <3

-Tamsin xxx

Filthy Gorgeous 'Valentine'

Stop the press..for two reasons. One: I am wearing RED on my nails, and two: I'm back after a little two week hiatus! But firstly, lets get to the nails. This polish came from April's She Said Beauty box (which I wasn't overly impressed with, but that's another story). If you know me, chances are you know that I hardly ever wear red on my nails, and if I have, you won't have seen me wear it. I struggle with red in a lot of respects and don't really wear it in clothes or make-up, but as with all beauty boxes, I make sure I try everything I get and give it a fair trial - after all, that is the point of beauty boxes.

Now, I absolutely hate this packaging. In my eyes, for a £9 bottle, it comes across as cheap, tacky and very 1998 sleepover-ish. Even the writing on the front of the bottle has started rubbing off already, which in my book is naaat good. However, my mind changes on the formula. This polish is so smooth and easy to apply..possibly one of the easiest I've come across! In the photos, I am genuinely wearing one coat as that was all that was needed to get the glossiness and shine that I'd expect from a red polish, which I was super pleased about. 'Valentine' is a very deep berry red, and comes across as quite vampish, which I'm actually quite enjoying. Other than me applying the worst nail job in the world, so far so good with chipping. I only used an Orly top coat and all seems to be going ok, but of course this could change. Would I buy this in the shops? No, and this is because of the packaging. It just goes to show that you can't judge a book buy it's cover, but Filthy Gorgeous should maybe think about their packaging for that reason, as they could be losing customers.

-Tamsin xxx

Relian Fiber Mascara

13 April 2012

This morning, my mum came into my room and said 'Tamsin I forgot to get you to try this product I bought at Professional Beauty back in March, you HAVE to try it.' Obviously, I told her to whip out this product pronto so I could try it. The product is Relian Fiber Mascara. I've never heard of it before so it was a good chance for me to try something new. This is how my eyes ended:

Amazing. Basically, this product comes in a box with a transplanting gel mascara, and a fiber mascara. Now I didn't use the transplanting mascara as I wanted to use my own, but from what I understand, it's a gel mascara that works with the fiber mascara in a lovely little relationship. However, the fiber mascara works with any mascara you like. The fiber mascara is basically how it sounds. It's a mascara wand with tiny little fibers all over it and you apply it the same as a mascara. The fibers spread over the eyelashes for extra length and volume.

How does it work?

001. Apply your mascara in 1 normal layer

002. Apply the fiber mascara from root to tip

003. Apply a second layer of your mascara 

That is literally it. Can you believe that is my eyes with two thin coats of normal mascara on? The false lash effect is definitely there, and in the long run, this product could save you loads of pennies on false lashes I believe. At first I was worried the fibers would be itchy on my eyes or something similar, but they're 100% natural and I've heard of no irritation at all from anyone who's used it. Mum bought it for £25, and you get a nice box with the gel mascara and the fiber mascara. I think the packaging of the mascaras look great with the silver shiny tubes; quite sleek and professional. Apparently, the fiber mascara will last about 18 months, so if you like false lashes, money could definitely be saved! Now this seems to be the sort of company who hasn't established a proper brand name anywhere yet, but if you search online you may be able to find them. If you do, I would recommend it definitely, and it takes a lot for me to love a product after one use!

-Tamsin xxx

Chanel Le Vernis 'Paparazzi'

11 April 2012

I cracked out an old favourite this morning from Chanel. Le Vernis nail colour in 208 'Paparazzi'. Unfortunately, you can't seem to buy this anymore directly from Chanel, but you can sometimes find it in sales or on eBay. It's a gorgeous salmon, coral pink, with the smallest hint of silver you could ever find. It's bang on trend with all the pastels this season, and I picked it up by chance this morning and thought, 'yep this will do nicely'. 2 coats is perfect and I find Chanel polishes give one of the smoothest and easiest applications of all polishes. I'm using is sporadically though cos once it's gone, it's going to be hard to find a new bottle of this one! I hate it when items get discontinued!

Do you love the Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colours?

-Tamsin xxx

OPI 'Rainbow Connection' meets 'Hearts and Tarts'

7 April 2012

A couple of my nails have broken recently (due to a very competitive game of bowling on my behalf!) so I've been keeping my nails quite simple so I can grow them back to their usual selves. Today, I've mixed a little concoction of OPI 'Hearts and Tarts' as a base, with OPI's winning 'Rainbow Connection' on top. I love 'Hearts and Tarts' because its so sheer but still gives a hint of colour you'd like for a natural nail. With the 'Rainbow Connection' on top, I think it's gorgeous and not too over the top. Lets face it, 'Rainbow Connection' does all the over the top hard work for us doesn't it?! I think this little mix will be one I return to again in the future.

-Tamsin xxx

L'Occitane Verbena Shower Gel

6 April 2012

L'Occitane is starting to become a lot higher on my priority list than it might have done 2 years ago. I've always loved L'Occitane, partly because of the amazing aromas that are in their products, but I seem to be walking into their stores a lot more nowadays. This is one of my all time favourites that my Mum introduced me to actually. It's the 'Gel Douche Verveine Agrumes'...orrrr, in less exotic terms..the Verbena Shower Gel. Now, if you love citrus and shower gels that will wake you up in the morning, then this is one to go for. The infusion of verbena, orange and lemon gives you the zing you need in the morning to get you on your feet and on your way to work. However, as always with L'Occitane, I find that you don't just get an ordinary shower gel experience if you like. You do feel like you're having a little mini spa luxury session, and that isn't just down to the scent and luxurious feeling of the product..it's also down to the bottle. It just looks a lot more vintage, classic and classy. Definitely not your bog standard shower gel bottle, and lets face it, we like things to look nice don't we? So this slots in beautifully in the bathroom.

You can see how full my current bottle is...not very! The Verbena Shower Gel will set you back £13.00 but you get a lovely 250ml bottle which will last you a fairly long time, and even if it was a small bottle, I still think I'd buy it because the quality is just so good. It's definitely time for me to stock up don't you think?

-Tamsin xxx

Vivienne Westwood Mini Bas Relief Earrings

2 April 2012

Last Friday, a mysterious package turned up at my house. Some of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen me tweet that I'd received some beautiful Vivienne Westwood earrings, but the sender left no note, card or anything for me to work out who it was from! Turns out, it was from my bestie Gemma, and her boyfriend had sent the present to me without adding any form of identification! Gemma got me the Mini Bas Relief earrings and they are absolutely stunning. I'd had these in my wishlist for a long while now, so it just goes to show that she knows me very well. You can't see too well in the photos but they're covered in Swarovski and Rhodium crystals, on VW's classic orb and satellite logo. They're my first Vivienne Westwood earrings and have made such a lovely addition to my jewellery collection. They're absolutely gorgeous and such a wonderful birthday present. Thank you Gem :)

Do any of you own any Vivienne Westwood jewellery? Any recommendations for my wishlist?

-Tamsin xxx

Wishlist: Lanvin Ballet Flats

1 April 2012

x / x / x

If money was no object, eh girls? £325 though. Booo. My total ballet flat crush are the varieties from Lanvin. To have any of these flats on my feet would make me so unbelievably happy. It's amazing how shoes, clothes, bags and makeup can make us so happy. Maybe I will treat myself when my other half is deployed later this year..if you can't have men to make you feel better, why not shoes?! ..or bags, or makeup, or clothes..hmm I'm seeing a pattern.

What are your designer shoe crushes?

-Tamsin xxx