Premae Harmony Face Balm

9 March 2012

Hey everyone! Today I have another review of an item from this months She Said Beauty box. I received the Premae Harmony Face Balm, and at first I was pretty upset because I really wanted the 'We Are Faux' lashes, as I am a total lash fiend. The packaging looked a bit cheap, but it is a sample, lets remember. However, after using this item, I'm actually quite happy it was in my box, as it's now a new item I've tried from a brand I didn't know before, and I've been really happy with the results.

I'd never actually used a face balm before, and when I saw the size of the sample, I thought it would only last one application. However, a little goes a long way with this product. This is definitely a balm and not a moisturiser..the texture is different and it feels a lot more oily and spa like on your skin. The smell of mango and lemongrass oozes out of the tin, and it really feels like a mini spa experience if you like. It is recommended to only use about a pea size amount and then moisturise onto your face. My face didn't feel greasy like I thought it would..more soothed, and the balm quickly worked its magic onto the skin and there wasn't any residue on my fingers. As I have dry skin, I was pleased to see that this balm is suitable for combination skin it's definitely worth giving this item a go. I've been using a little before bed each night, and I haven't had any signs of break outs and my skin feels quite moisturised and relaxed in the morning. I love the fact the balm is completely organic too.

I reckon I'd pay £18 for the full size of this. It might seem expensive for what it is, especially as it's not a designated moisturiser, buttt, it's almost like a spa product but not as expensive I guess, and it still gives you that relaxed feeling, especially with the gorgeous fragrances of the lemongrass and mango. Like I said, a little goes a long way with this product, and as you can see in the photo, I've still got 75% left I'd say, and I've been using it all week, so you would get your monies worth. A few other pros about Premae is it's 100% non tested on animals, vegan certified and used recycled materials for the packaging. Seeeee..everyone's a winner with this item ;)

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with this item, and I'm glad I got this instead of the lashes (who would have thought!) :)

Tamsin xxx


  1. this looks really nice! maybe when I've got a few more pennies ;) x

  2. face balm is definitely a new one to me! the smell sounds amazing xx

  3. This sounds like a surprisingly good product! I think the fact it's organic, animal kind and generally so good for the planet makes it worth the money for sure! xx

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  4. Love the sound of balms, but my skins combo and can be really temperamental depending what side of combo it wants to be, and I try avoid anything that may make me too oily. I love the sound of the mango scent though. mmm. xx

  5. Hi Tamsin,

    we really appreciate your wonderfully honest review of our beautiful Harmony Face Balm, 10ml sample for SheSaidBeauty Box, March. Our brand is a specialist spa quality eco-luxury health brand, with an Allergy-free from focus.
    stay in touch and please email us to be added to our press list: xx

  6. I've never tried a face balm, but now i want to :)


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