Orly Ancient Jade

8 March 2012

Those who are subbed to the new She Said Beauty box might recognise this Orly nail polish. I received 'Ancient Jade' which is a shade that looks exactly as stated. It's a very cool toned jade colour, and it's the coolness in it that gives it the ancient look I think, unlike some brighter turquoisey/jades you see that make it a bit more vibrant. In the bottle it looked truly lovely.

On application, first coat seemed a little streaky at first, but that was nothing a second coat couldn't sort out. The colour is actually very opaque and matte without a top coat on, and I always like a bit of glossiness to my nails, so I wouldn't go without a top coat with this polish. I have since added my new fave Pearl Effect glaze on top, which actually makes my nails kinda mermaid like now! 

Overall, I think this is a lovely shade by Orly. I'm a big fan of Orly polishes as my mum has always used them with her business, and this wasn't a let down. I don't usually wear greeny shades, so it was nice to have a little bottle of this to test it out (5.3ml bottle). I reckon I'd repurchase, seeing as the pastel shades are so hot at the moment in the beauty and fashion world. A really great choice from She Said Beauty to put this in their first box :)

-Tamsin xxx


  1. This is a really nice colour :) xx

  2. Such a pretty colour - reminds me of the Tiffany boxes :) I'm really tempted to sub to either She Said Beauty or Carmine! xx

  3. I've only tried one Orly polish but I really like it. It's a dark red one and I only needed one coat and it lasted a good few days! This colour is gorgeous, makes me really wanna go buy mint nail varnish :) xxx

  4. such a lovely shade of green x

  5. This is a gorgeous pastelly colour but a nice change from the usual mint green type pastels. I really love Orly polishes and they're pretty reasonable in Malta at €9 so I will be looking out for this! xx

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  6. awww, i love this colour, it complements your skintone very well :)


  7. I am wearing this color right now! :D



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