MUA Love Hearts - Sweet Kiss

5 March 2012

Yes, yes, everyone has posted about this collaboration between MUA and Love Hearts and I realise I'm one of the remaining people to blog about it, but I really feel this particular lip balm needs some recognition. Generally, I don't do tinted lip balm, and I really don't do lip gloss, so the fact I like this is a big step for me. Sweet Kiss is a corally pink lip balm with just a hint of colour. It gives a real gloss finish and doesn't seem to dry out my lips from what I've seen so far. Considering I'm not a balmy/glossy person (other than if it's a lipstick application) I'm really impressed with this product. I wasn't sent this, and I spent so long deciding which balm to go for, and I'm so glad I bought this now. Well done to MUA and Love Hearts for a fabulous, if not one of the cutest collections to be around for a while.

Are there any other MUA/Love Hearts items you think I should try? Let me know!

-Tamsin xxx


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