Look Beauty Nail Pop - Pearl Effect

1 March 2012

I'm starting to really get back into nail polish recently. I go through phases of loving colour, and then sometimes hating constantly applying polish, it getting chipped within a day, reapplying..ugh. You know what I mean. Which is why I quite often go for Calgel - results that last for a month..perfect. However, like I said, right now is a polish time.

This polish is from the Look Beauty collection. I have tried so so hard to get a decent photo of the effect it has on nails, but to no avail, so you will have to deal with the one above! Basically, 'Pearl Effect' is like a sparkly iridescent glaze. The sparkles don't look huge like some OPI sparkles do - they're more 'catch the light' sparkles. The iridescent in this is a blueish purple, and you can basically put it over any polish I think. I'm wearing it over Model's Own 'Nude Beige' at the moment and it works beautifully. I think subtlety is key here, and it's not totally in your face, but it's one of those effects that will make a person sitting opposite you on the train think 'ooh what's that?'

It won't work as a polish on it's own, so it's definitely an 'effect polish', but like I said, it works over any polish, so you can have fun experimenting which colour it looks better over! Hopefully the photos give you an idea of how it works and the colour of it!

The Look Beauty polishes are £5..they're becoming firm favourites of mine and are so affordable! I'm so glad I picked this effect polish up. Gloss and glam in a single application :)

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Looks lovely, Its a really nice alternative to the coloured glitter top coats!

  2. Oh can't say i've heard of the Look Beauty products. That varnish looks really nice.

  3. Looks very pretty! Not tried any of the Look Beauty products yet though! xx


  4. Oooo this is so pretty, always looking at ways to jazz my nails up!

  5. I have this too. I think it could be better as sometimes you can only see it in certain lights but it does make a very pretty effect.



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