Collection Mosaic Glow

23 March 2012

We all know that my fave mascara is Collection 2000 Skyscraper, but other than that, I only really dabble with Collection 2000. Now I know they've had a little bit of a re-brand session and are now known as Collection, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on their shimmering Mosaic Glow. I received this as a stocking filler from my Mum at Christmas so I've been using this for a while now.

I have Mosaic Glow in shade 6 which appears to have 3 different shades of bronze, copper and gold. If you don't like shimmer in your bronzer, then turn away from this item. The clue is in the name! However, if you're like me and are all about the glitter and shimmer, then keep reading. The pan itself reminds me of a football or something as the sections are in random hexagonal shapes - the name of 'mosaic' stands true. I usually apply this to my higher cheekbones, almost like a highlighter. For people that are afraid of orange looking bronzer, rest assured that this bronzer does not come up as orange and you won't have two random streaks of orange across your face. This is actually quite subtle (I've loaded it onto the swatch in the photo quite heavily!) - the word 'glow' in the item title describes it perfectly. There isn't tons of glitter either..mainly shimmer and it just gives you a healthy highlight. 

My favourite part of this item is the price. £2.99. It isn't going to break the bank is it really? Plus with 15g of product, you wont run out of this quickly. I've been using it since Christmas Day, and I've made the slightest dent. I'd definitely repurchase this, but I have a feeling I won't run out soon. Overall, a fabulous bargain product!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I love Collection 2000 stuff :) the prices are great :D

  2. What a bargain! That would be perfect for a spring/summer night out


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