Mulberry Mini Alexa Bag

27 March 2012

Well, Happy Birthday to me! And say hello to my new Mulberry Mini Alexa in Soft Buffalo. The perfect birthday gift to myself.. I love today! I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of my birthday (amazing weather for it too!) but have a lovely day whatever you're doing this wonderful 27th March :)

-Tamsin xxx

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo

26 March 2012

As I've mentioned many times before, my hair is one of my main loves in life. I love looking after it and trying out new styles, and haircare is one of the most important parts of my daily routine. Your hair can change the way you look instantly, so I try my hardest to keep it in the best condition possible. Some of you know that my hair isn't naturally blonde. I've been having it coloured at salons since I was 12 (crazy I know) so the upkeep of it is so important to me. This is where the Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo from Pro:Voke comes into things.

I picked up this silver shampoo back in November I think. Silver shampoo's help to take the brassiness out of coloured hair, especially blonde or grey hair and gives it a more natural, shiny look to it. It is so easy to be put off by the horrific bright colour of this shampoo - I was too! But, trust me on this does work it's magic! I sometimes use this more than twice a week, as my hair is heavily dyed, and I leave it on for about 5 minutes, massage into the scalp and rinse out. Personally, I saw a difference in my hair colour in about 2 washes, which I think is amazing. It just means I can have a more natural, blonde finish that doesn't look orange or brass like in any form. I know a lot of people with dyed hair use this..brunettes also, so don't be put off by the label which says for 'grey, white or platinum blonde hair'.

Now, the range from Pro:Voke is extensive, but I only use the Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo as it seems to give me the results I want from it, plus I love my Tigi shampoo and conditioners. I haven't heard any horror stories of it turning anyone's hair violet either, which is good news. Before this, I used to use 'Daddy-O' from Lush, but I don't think I'd go back to that. 'Daddy-O' was a lot more expensive for a teeny tiny bottle, and with Pro:Voke, you get more product, and more results. It retails from most good pharmacy's and supermarkets and is usually between £2-£ absolute bargain for such amazing results. Plus, the smell of this shampoo is amazing. 

Does anyone else use silver shampoos?

-Tamsin xxx

Collection Mosaic Glow

23 March 2012

We all know that my fave mascara is Collection 2000 Skyscraper, but other than that, I only really dabble with Collection 2000. Now I know they've had a little bit of a re-brand session and are now known as Collection, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on their shimmering Mosaic Glow. I received this as a stocking filler from my Mum at Christmas so I've been using this for a while now.

I have Mosaic Glow in shade 6 which appears to have 3 different shades of bronze, copper and gold. If you don't like shimmer in your bronzer, then turn away from this item. The clue is in the name! However, if you're like me and are all about the glitter and shimmer, then keep reading. The pan itself reminds me of a football or something as the sections are in random hexagonal shapes - the name of 'mosaic' stands true. I usually apply this to my higher cheekbones, almost like a highlighter. For people that are afraid of orange looking bronzer, rest assured that this bronzer does not come up as orange and you won't have two random streaks of orange across your face. This is actually quite subtle (I've loaded it onto the swatch in the photo quite heavily!) - the word 'glow' in the item title describes it perfectly. There isn't tons of glitter either..mainly shimmer and it just gives you a healthy highlight. 

My favourite part of this item is the price. £2.99. It isn't going to break the bank is it really? Plus with 15g of product, you wont run out of this quickly. I've been using it since Christmas Day, and I've made the slightest dent. I'd definitely repurchase this, but I have a feeling I won't run out soon. Overall, a fabulous bargain product!

-Tamsin xxx

National No Make-Up Day: pink box surprise

22 March 2012

About 3 days ago, I had a very intriguing email from Pegasus PR saying they'd like to send me a secret pink box and that it was to do with National No Make-Up Day. Today actually is National No Make-Up Day (I wonder how many of us are actually participating?!) and in perfect timing, a HUGE pink box arrived for me. This almost felt like extreme idea what's in the box, but the box is 4 times bigger. Filled inside the pink box I found a months supply of 8 different products, all from Holland and Barrett, focusing on skincare. Skincare is something I find quite important in my daily routine, so this was a really exciting treat for me. Plus, it really fits in with the whole 'no make-up thing'. I've never bought anything from Holland and Barrett skincare wise so this is going to be a whole new experience for me.

What I received:

Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil: I've heard my mum talk about this before, and I know that a lot of people use it in the Caribbean on their hair and skin, but I've never used it. Apparently, when Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr (Orlando Bloom's wife) admitted she doesn't go a day without coconut oil, H&B sales of this went up 50%! It is meant to be fabulous for the skin, especially dry skin, but can also be used for conditioning hair. This coconut oil can also be used for cooking too - talk about a multi-functional product!

Dr Organic's Manuka Honey Skin Lotion: On first smell, this smells very much like L'Occitane with their honey range. It includes Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil, and has no artificial colours or fragrances. It's ticking lots of boxes for me! The lotion is meant to rebalance the body's natural moisture levels and bio-activates the skin's cell structure leaving skin feeling smooth, firm and healthy. Now I don't know much about cell structure, but it smells great, and having smooth, healthy skin is what we're all after, right? Presenter Jameela Jamil uses and loves it and says she wants to eat her face it smells so food. I think I will stick to just using it on my skin ;)

Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C: Hyaluronic Acid is apparently a substance that occurs naturally in skin and helps it deal with allergies and sensitivities, meaning with this little boost, you should have a firm and youthful skin tone. The Vitamin C helps to form natural collagen. This should be an interesting one to try..

Hydrolysed Collagen: This is basically a 'no needle' form of collagen. Natural collagen is a protein that we have in our skin, and this is meant to help keep everything as it should be. It sounds similar to the Hyaluronic Acid, but I will give it a go, definitely.

Argan Oil: Kylie Minogue appears to be a fan of Argan Oil. This oil is apparently one of the rarest oils in the world, as the tree it comes from only grows in a very specific area in Morocco. It's rich in fatty acids which helps to prevent skin wrinkling and become more toned. It can also be used for hair repair after sun damage. Sounds like a fab product to me. Could it be similar to moroccan oil? I'm not sure, but I can't wait to try!

Skin Hair & Nails Formula: When looking at the vitamins included in these tablets, it almost seems like a powerful multivitamin focused on skin, hair and nails. However, I will give these a go as taking vitamins is never a bad thing!

Dr Organic's Anti-Aging Hand and Nail Cream: This smells as fab as the lotion..very L'Occitane-esque. It has so many lovely oils in it such as Sandalwood, Lemon Peel, Patchouli etc. With first test, it feels and smells lovely, so I'm going to pop this into my handbag and see how it goes!

Dr Organic's Rose Otto Facial Serum: This item really does intrigue me. It seems to be an oily toner that sets into the skin. It's filled with gorgeous oils again and genuinely smells like a massive bunch of roses. It's meant to lock in moisture, so I'll definitely be interested in my test of this, as I do have quite dry skin.

So, I'd say I have a lot to try don't I ladies? I'm not a massive pill taker when it comes to extra vitamins and that. I try to get as much as I can from food so don't usually knock back the tablets. However, it doesn't hurt to try these things and it will be interesting to see if any of these work. Seeing as I have about a month's worth of items, expect sporadic reviews of these items in around May.

Are you taking part in National No Make-Up Day? Personally, I'm using today to focus on my skincare, and sit in the sun with the dog whilst reading a book. We all need a bit of make-up free time sometimes ;)

-Tamsin xxx

Storage: vintage medicine box

12 March 2012

Ok, so this isn't strictly a beauty storage post, but it is still handy and useful. Before getting Max, I knew I needed to get myself a secure box of some sort that could hold my pills such as contraception, ibuprofen, paracetamol and allergy tablets etc safely..I didn't want to run the risk of him getting his little jaws round them! Before that, I had just put them in one of the lower drawers in my bedside table, but I wanted to be extra sure he couldn't get near them. Cue my lovely new medicine box. Like I've mentioned before, my room is shabby chic and this box fits in nicely. It's a metal tin with a vintage style french print on the front of it. The lid lifts on and off and it's a perfect size to fit your small bits and bobs in. 

I guess you could use this tin for beauty items. I just loved the print on the front and knew it was perfect for what I needed. I bought it from eBay for about £2 I think which is an absolute bargain. You can buy the same box here.

-Tamsin xxx

Storage: Boxes for Cosmetics eBay picks

10 March 2012

I haven't done one of my eBay storage idea posts for a while, so thought I'd get one down today seeing as I had the time to do a search. I love doing these storage posts, so if you have any requests, let me know :)

This gorgeous set of 3 different heart size boxes would be perfect for anybodies storage. I'd personally put Lush items in there and stack them up beautifully. I love how the boxes have the Cath Kidston-esque blue gingham and floral lining in them. These are very shabby chic (which is how my bedroom is) and they'd suit perfectly I think.

Buy it now: £5.49 with £2.49 p&p

Another set of 3 different storage boxes, but these are rectangular. If you love cutesie animal print, especially owls, then this is perfect for you. These boxes might be good for nail varnishes and nail accessories, as you could keep them stacked in order in the biggest box, and then keep your nail files, buffers and cotton wool etc in the smaller ones.

Buy it now: £8.99 with £4.95 p&p

I have similar baskets to this cute white wicker and blue floral basket. Mine were from tesco and have pink floral lining, but these are pretty much the same! I store all of my hair/bath products in these baskets as they're deep enough for all the items to stand up in, and they store absolutely loads of items. Plus, they look really cute on a dressing table, and your products are kept all neat yet accessible. They do 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

Buy it now: from £5.00 with 75p p&p

Hope these have given you some more storage ideas on this Saturday morning. What are you guys up to? I'm spending time walking the dog and having a takeaway tonight with a colleague. It's been a busy week so I'm excited to have a little chill time :)

-Tamsin xxx

Premae Harmony Face Balm

9 March 2012

Hey everyone! Today I have another review of an item from this months She Said Beauty box. I received the Premae Harmony Face Balm, and at first I was pretty upset because I really wanted the 'We Are Faux' lashes, as I am a total lash fiend. The packaging looked a bit cheap, but it is a sample, lets remember. However, after using this item, I'm actually quite happy it was in my box, as it's now a new item I've tried from a brand I didn't know before, and I've been really happy with the results.

I'd never actually used a face balm before, and when I saw the size of the sample, I thought it would only last one application. However, a little goes a long way with this product. This is definitely a balm and not a moisturiser..the texture is different and it feels a lot more oily and spa like on your skin. The smell of mango and lemongrass oozes out of the tin, and it really feels like a mini spa experience if you like. It is recommended to only use about a pea size amount and then moisturise onto your face. My face didn't feel greasy like I thought it would..more soothed, and the balm quickly worked its magic onto the skin and there wasn't any residue on my fingers. As I have dry skin, I was pleased to see that this balm is suitable for combination skin it's definitely worth giving this item a go. I've been using a little before bed each night, and I haven't had any signs of break outs and my skin feels quite moisturised and relaxed in the morning. I love the fact the balm is completely organic too.

I reckon I'd pay £18 for the full size of this. It might seem expensive for what it is, especially as it's not a designated moisturiser, buttt, it's almost like a spa product but not as expensive I guess, and it still gives you that relaxed feeling, especially with the gorgeous fragrances of the lemongrass and mango. Like I said, a little goes a long way with this product, and as you can see in the photo, I've still got 75% left I'd say, and I've been using it all week, so you would get your monies worth. A few other pros about Premae is it's 100% non tested on animals, vegan certified and used recycled materials for the packaging. Seeeee..everyone's a winner with this item ;)

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with this item, and I'm glad I got this instead of the lashes (who would have thought!) :)

Tamsin xxx

Orly Ancient Jade

8 March 2012

Those who are subbed to the new She Said Beauty box might recognise this Orly nail polish. I received 'Ancient Jade' which is a shade that looks exactly as stated. It's a very cool toned jade colour, and it's the coolness in it that gives it the ancient look I think, unlike some brighter turquoisey/jades you see that make it a bit more vibrant. In the bottle it looked truly lovely.

On application, first coat seemed a little streaky at first, but that was nothing a second coat couldn't sort out. The colour is actually very opaque and matte without a top coat on, and I always like a bit of glossiness to my nails, so I wouldn't go without a top coat with this polish. I have since added my new fave Pearl Effect glaze on top, which actually makes my nails kinda mermaid like now! 

Overall, I think this is a lovely shade by Orly. I'm a big fan of Orly polishes as my mum has always used them with her business, and this wasn't a let down. I don't usually wear greeny shades, so it was nice to have a little bottle of this to test it out (5.3ml bottle). I reckon I'd repurchase, seeing as the pastel shades are so hot at the moment in the beauty and fashion world. A really great choice from She Said Beauty to put this in their first box :)

-Tamsin xxx

MAC All That Glitters

7 March 2012

A newer addition to my MAC Eyeshadow collection. I've had this for a couple of weeks now and I'm really enjoying it! This has been a firm favourite of quite a few bloggers in recent times, and I'm so glad I finally did the deed and bought it.

All That Glitters is a veluxe pearl finish, and does come up very sheer, but I like sheer eyeshadows because it gives you something to work with, experiment, build things up etc, and so it's a very usable eyeshadow. It goes to prove that 'all that glitters isn't gold' as All That Glitters is a peachy shade in its entirety, but does have the gold shimmer in there too..just as not as much as you'd think in the title. However, less is more sometimes, and when this eyeshadow catches the light, it really is beautiful! I have managed to wear this at work, on days out and on evenings's one of those shadows that really can be used wherever and whenever..hello money's worth!

Personally, I don't think there's any excuse not to buy this eyeshadow. It will compliment all skin tones and eye colours and it's not one of those shades you whack out on special occasions. Ok, with MAC the only disadvantage is the price maybe (£11.50) but it's long lasting and worth every penny. 

Let me know your fav MAC eyeshadows..I'm always after recommendations for my ever growing collection! :)

-Tamsin xxx

MAC Snob

6 March 2012

I recently finished my last of MAC Snob lipstick, so repurchased a new one as it's a fair favourite in my ever obsessive MAC lippy collection. With the more recent pastels hitting the fashion and makeup world right now, Snob slots in just perfectly. Despite being a Satin formula, Snob almost appears slightly matte. It's the perfect baby pink with a slight hint on mauve in it, and it seems to compliment most skin tones. I don't find it majorly drying like I know some people find it, but a little bit of clear lip balm on the lips before application usually works a treat. To me, Snob is the love baby of Saint Germain and Pink Nouveau..what do you think?

What are your fave pastel lippies? Lip swatch of Snob will be up on my MAC Lipstick Swatches page asap!

-Tamsin xxx

MUA Love Hearts - Sweet Kiss

5 March 2012

Yes, yes, everyone has posted about this collaboration between MUA and Love Hearts and I realise I'm one of the remaining people to blog about it, but I really feel this particular lip balm needs some recognition. Generally, I don't do tinted lip balm, and I really don't do lip gloss, so the fact I like this is a big step for me. Sweet Kiss is a corally pink lip balm with just a hint of colour. It gives a real gloss finish and doesn't seem to dry out my lips from what I've seen so far. Considering I'm not a balmy/glossy person (other than if it's a lipstick application) I'm really impressed with this product. I wasn't sent this, and I spent so long deciding which balm to go for, and I'm so glad I bought this now. Well done to MUA and Love Hearts for a fabulous, if not one of the cutest collections to be around for a while.

Are there any other MUA/Love Hearts items you think I should try? Let me know!

-Tamsin xxx

Max - my new puppy dawg

4 March 2012

I'd like to introduce my readers of Little Glitter to my new dog - Max. He's a Jack Russell Terrier (with a mix of something in there too!) and he's 1 years old, so very much a puppy still! You may have read that I was getting a new addition to my family in a post earlier this week, and now he's here! I apologise that all the photos are from my Blackberry, but I haven't even bothered getting my camera out yet..we've been having too much fun and walking and playing with him loads! He was unfortunately abandoned by travellers in Ireland, but you'd truly have no idea - his temperament is amazing! My boyfriend and I have taught him loads of commands already and he's catching on so quickly..he is one impressive little Jack Russell! He was so sad when my boyfriend had to head back to ship this evening though - he's really fallen for him as you can see in the photos! He's lying by my feet as I write this and he seems happy and settled already. Hopefully I will have many fabulous years to come with him :)

I'd highly recommend rehoming an animal if you're thinking about getting a pet. The knowledge of giving this little dog a second chance is just amazing and I think it's one of the best decisions I've made. If you are interested in rehoming, I'd recommend The Blue Cross which is where I got Max from. They have rehoming centres all over the country and rehome a huge variety of animals. Max came from the Tiverton adoption centre in Devon and what a lovely branch they are!

Hope you've all had an amazing weekend. 

-Tamsin xxx

Lisa Shepherd Hair Event

2 March 2012

Last night, I went to the Lisa Shepherd hair event just off Oxford Street. I met the lovely Amelia beforehand and we arrived to cupcakes, lots of nibbles and prosecco. Lots of girls were going for the dip-dye treatment (see Lina's post about it here) but I decided to go for the 'Royal Re-do' which was basically a funky updo. I hardly ever get my hair styled in an updo, so thought why not! I went with my hair straight and down, and came out to the most amazing hairdo I have ever had on my head! I definitely felt like the most glamorous person on the Bakerloo line ever! I was so gutted I had to head back home because of work today, as I was so ready to go clubbing or for swanky drinks or something. The director at the Lisa Shepherd salon also told us he has styled both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's hair..I definitely was kinda starstruck!

The treatment we had at the salon was amazing, and if you're ever after a really glam hair appointment, head straight to Lisa Shepherd - there are MacBooks, magazines, food and wine to help yourself to whilst you're having your hair done..amazing! If you are interested in checking out Lisa Shepherd, go to the website at or ring 0207 467 9560 - I'd highly recommend!

Many thanks to the team at Lisa Shepherd, Kirsty Henderson and Hayley!

-Tamsin xxx

Look Beauty Nail Pop - Pearl Effect

1 March 2012

I'm starting to really get back into nail polish recently. I go through phases of loving colour, and then sometimes hating constantly applying polish, it getting chipped within a day, reapplying..ugh. You know what I mean. Which is why I quite often go for Calgel - results that last for a month..perfect. However, like I said, right now is a polish time.

This polish is from the Look Beauty collection. I have tried so so hard to get a decent photo of the effect it has on nails, but to no avail, so you will have to deal with the one above! Basically, 'Pearl Effect' is like a sparkly iridescent glaze. The sparkles don't look huge like some OPI sparkles do - they're more 'catch the light' sparkles. The iridescent in this is a blueish purple, and you can basically put it over any polish I think. I'm wearing it over Model's Own 'Nude Beige' at the moment and it works beautifully. I think subtlety is key here, and it's not totally in your face, but it's one of those effects that will make a person sitting opposite you on the train think 'ooh what's that?'

It won't work as a polish on it's own, so it's definitely an 'effect polish', but like I said, it works over any polish, so you can have fun experimenting which colour it looks better over! Hopefully the photos give you an idea of how it works and the colour of it!

The Look Beauty polishes are £5..they're becoming firm favourites of mine and are so affordable! I'm so glad I picked this effect polish up. Gloss and glam in a single application :)

-Tamsin xxx