Denise McAdam Platinum Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

6 February 2012

I bought this shampoo and conditioner way back last October or November in a deal at Tesco. After doing some research on Denise McAdam, I had massively high hopes for both products. Denise McAdam was the first UK celebrity hair dresser and is known for doing the hair of The Queen and many other royals, as well as The Saturdays, Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly and JLS.

Packaging wise, I am never a lover of the type of bottle heads on these ones. I find that you can never get enough of the product out and the hole in which the product comes out of is just too small. I also found that the sticker that went around the body of the bottle peeled away really quickly. Something I did like was the different colours in the head of the bottle. The shampoo had a purple head and the conditioner was grey, so you could tell the difference.

Application wise, I really didn't like these formulas. I found the shampoo incredibly difficult to work with. I couldn't get a lather up at all and felt like it wasn't doing anything to my hair whatsoever. Yes my hair was clean after washing out, but it didn't have that lovely smelling, luxurious feeling I like to have when I shampoo my hair. I'm one of those people who loves to get a lather so massive you look like you have a white microphone top on their head, and this just didn't seem to do it. The formula was clear, and although it had a scent in the bottle, it didn't seem to have a scent once it was on your hair.

The conditioner I preferred to the shampoo, but not by much. Partly because of the bottle head, I felt like I could never get the right amount of conditioner I needed. I really find that conditioner is important to my hair routine because of the amount my hair is dyed, and I could never seem to get the nourishing treatment that I wanted from it. The formula was a yellowish opaque, and again, had a smell in the bottle but didn't seem to hold any scent once on your head.

On being a shampoo and conditioner for platinum blonde and 'enhancing' it, I could honestly see no change. It left my hair clean, if not a bit dry, and that was about it. There was no swishing your hair 12 hours later and still being able to smell the gorgeous fruitiness or scents that you can get with some other items, and I did feel very let down.

This is just my review of these items..everyone's hair is very different and these items may work for you! Denise McAdam seems to have a large of products, so maybe one of her shampoos or conditioners could be the winning solution for your hair. It just wasn't for me. I won't be buying this again and think I will stick to my John Freida Go Blonder shampoo and conditioners in the future for blonde enhancement.

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Oh no what a shame! I hate shampoos that don't lather properly too, I feel like my hairs not really had a wash if it hasn't been submerged in a mountain of bubbles! xx

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  2. Ohh thats frustrating! Yes, I'd say John Freida is always a safe option

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  3. Aww thats a shame hun. I prefer a nice lather too and a nice scented shampoo/conditioner
    Thanks for the review



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