OPI and Leighton Denny Mixture

25 February 2012

Whilst watching Pearl Harbour last night for the bazillionth time (Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck..yes please) I decided to paint my nails with a base of Leighton Denny's 'All About Me' and OPI 'Excuse Moi'. 'All About Me' is the perfect milkshake pink colour and I love it as a colour on its own, but thought I'd use it as a base for this little mixture. I'm not a huge fan of the formula, but with 2 coats, it works quite well and is the most gorgeous colour. I then painted OPI's 'Excuse Moi' from The Muppets collection on top. I only did one coat so as not to go overly glittery, but I think it looks fab. I love how 'Excuse Moi' has different colour hexagonal shapes in it, and it truly looks gorgeous when it catches the light. I think I will be using the mixture of these shades again :)

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Such a gorgeous combo of colours!

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  2. Your nails look so pretty! Pink and sparkly, can't get much better then that! xx

  3. I love this combo! Leighton Denny is probably my favourite nail polish brand of all time :D

    Mollie xo

  4. Wow, very Barbie! I love it.
    Pearl Harbour is one of my favourite films, Josh Hartnett is HOT!

    Holli x

  5. Looks great! Hope you have a nice week end :)

  6. Ben Affleck is far too gorgeous in Pearl Harbour!
    Loving the combo, it's so pretty!

  7. This looks amaze, what a gorgeous combo!



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