Tigi Rockaholic 'Livin' The Dream' Conditioner

14 January 2012

I've always been a massive fan of the Tigi hair products as they use it in the salon where I get my hair dyed. My absolute favourite ever of the Tigi products was their Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey shampoo and conditioner. I'm pretty certain it's been discontinued now, but sometimes I get lucky on remaining stock on eBay and Amazon. Since it got discontinued, I've been on the hunt for my fave Tigi shampoo/conditioner which brings in my latest buy, Rockaholic 'Livin' the Dream' Conditioner + Energy.

Most of you will know that a great place to pick up beauty/haircare items is in TK Maxx. It can be very hit and miss, but I often manage to pick up a Tigi bargain there. This conditioner (and it's matching shampoo) sell at £9.95 but I picked it up for £3. Can't complain can I really :) I've never used the Rockaholic line before so I'm excited to try it. I know that some people don't use conditioner that much, but because of the amount I dye my hair, I have to keep it nourished, so I'm always after a good conditioner.

I've checked out some reviews and so far, it sounds like it will be a good conditioner to try. It's apparently got Green Tea, Goji Berries, Gotu Kola and minerals in - it all sounds very exotic! Bring on the test and trial, and you will have a review from me very soon :)

What is your fave Tigi product? Let me know!

-Tamsin xxx

ps: If anyone would like to do a button swap, I'm going to be doing a blog roll soon. No payment at all :) let me know!


  1. I had this in an absolutely massive bottle (+ the shampooo) it took me agesss to get through it but I did love using it, smells lovely and did the job.

    my favourite tigi product is the catwalk haute iron spray xx

  2. ohh i need to try this one! I use redken :):) love it!

  3. I got two sets of tigi shampoo and conditioner in tk maxx for half the price. Brilliant bargain!


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