Storage - Metallic Heart Ring Bowl

10 January 2012

Popped into a little antique shop yesterday on my way to the post office and came across this gorgeous little bowl for only £6.99. I've been revamping all of my make-up and jewellery storage recently, and this seemed perfect for my rings to go in. It seems nice to have a ring bowl that you can grab something from easily and show off instead of hiding it away in a drawer somewhere, so this really fit the bill. It's about and inch and a half high, and has a gorgeous metallic silver effect on it. Plus, who doesn't love hearts? I haven't put in all my rings yet as I haven't finished my organising, but have also thrown in my everyday work studs until I get a new cute stud earring display. I also need to get a new necklace/dangly earring display.

Do any of you know of any nice stud earring holders? How do you store your jewellery?

-Tamsin xxx

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  1. this is sooo pretty. what a great way to store rings :) xo

  2. Aww this is so cute, i'm trying to revamp my make up and make up storage so i'm looking out for little bits like this too xox

  3. Love that! Its so cute. Little trinket things like this alaways suck me in!

    Just going to have a nosy at your blog sale, I have one going on over on my blog too if you want to take a look

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  4. That is gorgeous, I need something like this. Currently mine is all over the place and still in boxes from moving!

  5. Oh wow, what a great find! Its so pretty. Looks like it holds lots too :) xo

  6. I just ADORE little Vintage stores because you can find such wicked finds as these =) As to how I keep tabs of my jewellery? The only ones i wear regularly are chains which I dangle in a corner of my room -_- otherwise hang bangles from all sorts of areas haha.

  7. I need something to store my jewellery. its all huddled together in a draw right now

  8. Loving that bowl! Well done on your find. So cute!


  9. Love this! I've been buying a few antique trinkets lately to prettify my dressing table x

  10. I love this jewellery storage its gorgeous :) xx

  11. love that, such a nice idea :)

    natalie xx


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