Storage - Jewellery and Makeup Ideas from eBay

12 January 2012

Like I said in a post earlier this week, I've been trying to revamp my jewellery and makeup storage. Throwing old things out and mixing it up a little is definitely a good thing, and really does feel refreshing. Whilst I was looking for ideas on eBay, I came across a couple of great storage ideas that I thought might help people if they were interested. They're all pretty cheaply priced too which is a bonus - all under a tenner!

3 Tier Bracelet Display

This is great if you like displaying your jewellery almost shoplike. The 3 bars are removable and you just place your bracelet round the bar. The unit is black velvet too which feels very luxurious. £7.79 with free postage.

Acrylic Nail Polish Display
This is fab for the people who like the clear acylic makeup storage. This can apparently hold 27 polishes but I reckon this would vary depending on the size of the polish. The 3 tiers make it easy for you to see which colour you want to go for. £9.90 with free postage.

Sectioned Display Box

This could be used for any jewellery..possibly some makeup I should think too. There are 12 sections to the box, and the lining is velvet again. The transparent lid makes it easy for you to find the item you want quickly and easily. Perfect! £8.90 with free postage.

Square Revolving Jewellery Stand

For those who love the circular revolving stands that you see around, namely one in Urban Outfitters which is £30 (omg?!) then this could be perfect for you. I love the way this one is square. It means you could have 4 different sections to your jewellery/earrings. It holds 64 pairs on 4 tiers. The best thing about this is there's no large price. £8.95 with £2.25 postage.

So there you go. Just some ideas for your storage. I wasn't contacted by the seller for this to advertise his stock. I just thought it might be handy. I'm thinking of getting the display box! Have you ever bought makeup/jewellery storage from eBay?

-Tamsin xxx


  1. perfect to organise my closet haha
    nice blog check out mine

  2. I like the nail polish storage, thanks for sharing!

  3. Really need to get some bits like this, love the nail polish holder and the sectioned jewellery box!

  4. I definitely need some storage like this, all I have is loads of boxes which everything is just shoved in!


  5. Such a handy post! Thanks for doing this, i've been looking for new make up/jewellery storage ideas so this is perfect! xox

  6. Love this post - thank you! I have been browsing eBay for ages looking for possible new storage solutions and not really finding anything. I'm currently using a pretty fab 6 drawer box from W H Smiths, but as fab as it is, it's getting a little knackered. I may start investing in the clear acrylic options now :D

    Steph xx

  7. This is a great post, thank you for sharing! I love getting ideas for storage etc and this definitely helped

    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  8. Love that Nail polish display, however i think it'd just highlight to my partner the true number of polishes I own haha (which isn't a good thing!!) Excellent post though! Would love to see more of these! xx

  9. Oooo these a great finds!

  10. I have the nail polish one and it holds 22 OPI polishes ;-)

  11. Whether these things are comes under my budget. Because my sister ask me to buy an makeup kit in online so only I asked?

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