red cup

19 December 2011


So it's only 6 sleeps till Christmas. Only SIX. I'm sorry but where did December go?! It's absolutely flying by. It's been a great month so far though and I'm really feeling the Christmas love and spirit, especially now we're officially on Christmas week :) I've had a pretty busy week since I've been staying with my parents. Shopping here and there, I went to my old school's carol service which was lovely, lunch with my uncle and mum, a family friends birthday, and yesterday, I even made a flying visit back down to Plymouth for just one night with the Sailor. I know..crazy considering I've just come back from the South West, but one night means a lot to us, so one night it was. Dinner, hotel, chilling and just generally having fun. We even managed to get a cosy sofa spot in Starbucks in Drake Circus this morning (which is a rarity!) as he had this morning off work. Nothing better than a snuggle, chat and Starbucks red cup to make your Monday morning good :) My Sailor finishes for Christmas fingers crossed on the Christmas celebrations can start to commence then :)

Tonight is about final present wrapping, spring cleaning (I know that sounds mental..but I like to keep on top of my items and find that before you receive new items is a good time to do it..I know..genius right.) ;) and snuggling with my dog.

How's all your Christmas shopping going?

-Tamsin xxx


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