Make-up Secrets of 'Downton Abbey'

20 December 2011

Downton Abbey has become one of my favourite programmes on tv. ITV scored an absolute blinder with this show in my eyes, and I adore so many of the characters and the storylines that keep me ever gripped to the tv screen. After watching series 2, I began scouring the internet about information on the make-up they used on the programme - the actresses skin always looks so flawless and like! Fortunately, in last weeks You magazine, I came across the article I'd been looking for and thought I'd share with you my findings in an interview with Downton Abbey make-up artist Ann Oldham:


Complexion: Le Blanc de Chanel primer (£29) followed by Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (£33). -Apparently, this creates the illusion of immaculate skin and that 'pale foundation highlights dark shadows' so Ann used one shade darker than their natural skin tone.

Blush: Stila Raspberry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain (£16) - This is apparently used on Lady Grantham's (Elizabeth McGovern) cheeks and lips to enhance natural pinkness and not over-do the rosy effect. 

Eyes: No such products mentioned, but the actresses are encouraged to grow their eyebrows so they 'frame the eyes naturally', and they also have their eyelashes dyed.

Fragrance: Yardley Lily of the Valley eau de toilette (£9.99) - I love the fact the ladies wear a fragrance on set. I can imagine it really enhances their perception of the character they play, and really helps them get into the role.

Cleanser: Sisley Demaquillant Doux Pour les Yeux (£40.50) - Ann states that they must cleanse the faces after 11 hours on set with full make-up on. She also says that after cleansing, they 'drop lavender oil on to a warm face flannel to soothe their complexions.'


So there you have it. Inside information from the make-up artist herself . All credit goes to You magazine for the information..I just wanted to share it with you all :) Also, how utterly fabulously gorgeous do Michelle Dockery and Dan Stevens look in the above photo?! They recently did a 'Twilight-esque' photoshoot, and my GOD they look amazing! I've linked to all the products mentioned, and I'm now very interested in buying the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation after watching some reviews on YouTube! I will certainly be watching the Downton Abbey special on Christmas Day...I can't wait! 

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Ah I love Downton Abbey, this is soo interesting! I too love the fact they wear perfume on set, it would definitely help them get into character!


  2. nice, I never heard of this brand before, so thanks for the info, take care

  3. Ive just became addicted to Downton when I got the series 1 box set for xmas. I love it! And your right, the make up is gorgeous


  4. Thanks for the info! Do you know of any links to an online version of the original article/interview with Oldham?


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