fotd: snuggle bear

16 December 2011

Not essentially a make-up face of the day, as I'm not going to list the products I'm wearing (which isn't much today as I'm having a cleansing and toning day), but more of a 'this is me and my new hat of the day'. This is the hat I mentioned in my 'Foxy Baby' post earlier on this week. A student got me the hat as a Secret Santa present, and didn't she do well! It's absolutely massive and super warm and snuggly. Now the snow is finally starting to fall, it's my first go-to clothes item I think!

Does anyone else love cute animal style items? 

This is also my 100th post on Little Glitter! I can't quite believe it, but thanks to all my followers for keeping me writing. I love my little bloggy! Snuggle up warm guys - snow has hit London! Happy Friday!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Awww I love that hat! And you look gorgeous in that second picture - stunning! x

  2. You look so much cute!!! Congrats on 100th post :)

  3. Love that hat, sooo cute! How have i only just seen your blog?! Ive been following you for ages on twitter haha! Great blog :)

    Natalie, (previously

  4. Aww congrats on the100th post hun! It's snowing up north too, so colds!

  5. Congrats on the 100th post! It snowed here this morning but its all gone now!

    The hat is super cute.

  6. You look so cute in such a gorgeous hat!! :) Congratulations on your 100th post xxx

  7. so cute!

  8. Ha she did well! This is adorable!

    Also HOW LONG are your eyelashes? Tres jel



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