making memories #3

13 November 2011

001. This photo was taken of me sitting in a tiny derelict old chapel which must be hundreds of years old, which sits at a height on a cliff, very near Rame in Cornwall. You have to leave your car and walk through a field of wild horses to get there, and when you do and you see the sunset, it is one of the most beautiful places.

002. The view from my house back at my parents. You can even see the point of my church in the distance. We get the most beautiful sunsets over our house, with a view that goes for ages. Stunning. I always look forward to popping home and taking some nice photos.

003. My Sailor and I before he left to go somewhere or other! Times are hard in a military but believe me, it is worth it. It honestly is! He is my butter when my bread is dry.

004. My brother and I being papped! I think I was taking him to a function somewhere, I can't remember where, but this has since been one of my fave photos of us. My brother and I aren't the closest, but we do have a laugh and he is ok..sometimes ;)

005. My Sailor is in the middle at the front (with a very serious expression on his face!) Pride is just off the scale when I see all the photos of him on divisions (parade). I definitely wouldn't have him pointing that rifle at me though hah.

Well there you go. None of these photos are from the last month, but they're important memories to me, and I was in a very reflective and thankful mood. Have a truly lovely Sunday, and remember to spare a thought for our fallen heroes today.

-Tamsin xxx


  1. wow, the landcape in the first picture is beautiful!

  2. These are lovely pictures, its nice to take a step back sometimes and think of the good memories. Sailor looks so dapper in his uniform and you should be proud! You also deserve recognition because I used to know some army wives and girlfriends and I know how hard it could be for them :(


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  3. Great photos! You and your sailor are so cute!

  4. Beautiful photos! :)

  5. Hey hun, I have awarded you a blog award!!

  6. oh i love seeing posts like these! The second picture is beautiful :)

    just like the commenter above, i have also passed on an award your way (don't worry if you don't do them! just thought i'd let you know anyway) :)
    keep well

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