Christmas Jumpers - eBay picks

30 November 2011

Well, I currently have my Christmas playlist on in the background, donning the red cardigan with my dress today, and I thought it was only appropriate that I do my fave Christmas jumper finds from eBay. I'm a bit of an eBay queen and think it is an absolute goldmine for finding the things you need/fancy and often as a fraction of the price - win win situation! I came across a seller who is from the UK (no long waiting time for postage woohoo!) who had the best variety of Christmas jumpers!

If you don't mind treating these jumpers as unisex, then these are absolutely amazing, and lets face it - I'm sure we all wear mens jumpers...they're just so cosy and often hav the nicer designs! These are only 4 of the 18 variations this company has to offer. The reindeers are so cute, and I'm sure the penguins are going to go down well, especially with Frozen Planet being all the hype at the moment. They also have a couple of naughty rude reindeer jumpers and some snowman ones. The great news? These jumpers are £24.99. Considering lots of the similar jumpers in Topshop/Zara/River Island are over £30 at the moment, I think this is brilliant. Plus, they really have that old vintage feel to them which is bang on trend at the moment. Postage is only £2.99 too..winning!

So if you want to go all matching Bridget Jones and Mr Darcy this Christmas, maybe check out this seller. I'm thinking one of these jumpers, bodycon skirt, tights and Chelsea boots? Get buying ladies!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. LOVE them.... the penguin ones are the cutest thing ever! xxx

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  2. Brilliant!! I love them, such a good price!!

  3. Awww I love them, lol, ultra cheesy but so cute! :D

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