Christmas Jumpers - eBay picks

30 November 2011

Well, I currently have my Christmas playlist on in the background, donning the red cardigan with my dress today, and I thought it was only appropriate that I do my fave Christmas jumper finds from eBay. I'm a bit of an eBay queen and think it is an absolute goldmine for finding the things you need/fancy and often as a fraction of the price - win win situation! I came across a seller who is from the UK (no long waiting time for postage woohoo!) who had the best variety of Christmas jumpers!

If you don't mind treating these jumpers as unisex, then these are absolutely amazing, and lets face it - I'm sure we all wear mens jumpers...they're just so cosy and often hav the nicer designs! These are only 4 of the 18 variations this company has to offer. The reindeers are so cute, and I'm sure the penguins are going to go down well, especially with Frozen Planet being all the hype at the moment. They also have a couple of naughty rude reindeer jumpers and some snowman ones. The great news? These jumpers are £24.99. Considering lots of the similar jumpers in Topshop/Zara/River Island are over £30 at the moment, I think this is brilliant. Plus, they really have that old vintage feel to them which is bang on trend at the moment. Postage is only £2.99 too..winning!

So if you want to go all matching Bridget Jones and Mr Darcy this Christmas, maybe check out this seller. I'm thinking one of these jumpers, bodycon skirt, tights and Chelsea boots? Get buying ladies!

-Tamsin xxx

Faux Fur - Asos Picks

28 November 2011

I am a big fur person when it comes to accessories - partly because fur is so warming, but also because it's just so cute and snuggly, and can really change an outfit into something gorgeous and slightly more glam. I've picked 4 of my fave faux fur accessories from ASOS for this Winter.

Faux Fur Pointed Collar: Oh how I love this collar. It would be perfect for any outfit on top of a cardigan, jumper or a light coat. Plus, you neck would be nice and toasty in this cold weather we seem to be getting recently! Good news is it's £11. Bargain!

Premium Long Fantasy Fur Scarf: Talk about keeping snuggly warm in a nice scarf! The way that the scarf gathers as it falls is just beautiful. This would be perfect for a Christmas Day walk with the dogs, or as a gorgeous additive to a coat whilst on your way to a festive party of some sort. It's currently in the sale down from £40 to £30 also..great news!

Faux Fur Bear Ear and Pocket Scarf: For the more playful of people, this scarf could be perfect for you. The bear/rabbit/cute creature animal hats are everywhere at the moment (I have a bear one!) and they add a little bit of fun and cuteness to an outfit. So, incorporating a scarf with mitten style pockets into the hat is just a perfect solution. Cute cute cute! £26

Black Faux Fur Trapper Hat: I don't have much black fur items, but I am totally won over by this hat! It's meant to be oversized, so you can gurantee extra cosyness, and who wouldn't love this trapper hat with the pom poms hanging from it! I'm loving the hat more now it's in the sale too ;) £15

These are only four of my fave fur items this year - trust me! I could buy so many fur accessories it's silly. In fact, the lovely Abby managed to get her hands on a new faux fur coat I'd been after for ages for me, and so once I've seen her to pick it up, I will get a few outfit pics to show it off. I cannot wait to finally have it!

Link me up to your fave faux fur picks this winter..I am all eyes and ears! ALSO, it's advent now guys...hope you're all blasting the Christmas tunes nice and loud..I know I am ;)

-Tamsin xxx

Beverly Hills Formula

26 November 2011

Back in October at BINTM Live, along with many samples, I was given a sample of a toothpaste called 'Beverly Hill Formula.' Now I am constantly obsessed with getting my teeth crazy white (see my post last month on my whitening strips!) and so I tried this toothpaste before any other toothpastes, and also before I started my teeth whitening course.

Beverly Hills Formula was recently featured on BBC Watchdog stating that it removes 90% of staining on teeth. It sounds too good to be true doesn't it? As you can see, my sample tube is empty, and I haven't gone out and bought a new big tube for nothing. It really does work!!

Beverly Hills Formula says that you should smear some toothpaste on your teeth and leave it for around 1 minute before brushing. Within the first use, I could genuinely see a difference. The sample tube I had was the 'Sensitive Whitening Expert' type, and I had no sensitivity at all. Now, I generally brush my teeth at least twice a day, and I have found this to be the most effective 'whitening toothpaste' I have ever used. Not only this, but it leaves my breath nice and fresh, which is of course what we also want in a toothpaste. In the month I have been using the tester, I feel that the shade of my teeth has changed a lot. They are not crazy sparkly white (yet!) but they are definitely brighter and whiter. All the products are suitable for vegetarians, and they aren't tested on animals - win win!

I don't have any before and after photos to show you yet, as I'm waiting to finish my whitening strips course, but I hope to very soon. All I will say, is next time you're buying your toothpaste, please consider this product. I'd be interested to see your thoughts as I was very sceptical before, but I don't think I will ever use another toothpaste now! Generally, you can only purchase this in larger Tesco/Sainsburys/Superdrug/Boots stores, and admittedly it's not the cheapest of toothpastes, at almost £4 a tube, but when when you think of the cost of teeth whitening products, it really is cheap!

Let me know if any of you use it and have such great results like me!

-Tamsin xxx

YSL Paris

24 November 2011

In one of my recent posts, you may have seen my devoted love to my Chanel no.5 perfume. However, we always have that 'everyday' fragrance we reach for when we don't fancy our beloved, special favourites. For me, this is Yves Saint Laurent 'Paris'.

I remember my Mum first bought me this fragrance when I was about 14. I have been bound to it since. Launched in 1983, Paris has been one of those classic fragrances that will always be on someone's shelf. Photo'd here, I have the Eau de Toilette (as it was on offer in Boots) but all the bottles from the Eau de Parfum to this bottle are very art deco and striking. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I am rubbish when it comes to explaining base notes and heart notes and the like. To me, if it smells good and I like it, then I buy it! But with Paris, you don't have to understand fragrances to be able to detect the gorgeous smell of rose. It's almost like rose with a twist, as you get some citrus fragrance, but also some musk. It is elegant and sophisticated, yet shows a bit of sassy fun underneath which I love.

Paris (EDT) usually sells at around £33, but I got it today at Boots in the sale at £22 - it was too good an opportunity to miss, and stock up on one of my favourite fragrances of all time. I get through about 4 of these bottles a year so I'm looking forward to spritzing it on myself in the morning! J'adore Paris!

-Tamsin xxx

Phil Smith hair products

22 November 2011

Some of you may remember a couple of months back that I came across a deal for Phil Smith products in Sainsbury's. I was really excited to try these products as they were on deal for 2 for £4, which in my mind is a fab deal for any haircare. I picked up the SOS Daily Defence Conditioner and the Shine Brilliance Shampoo in 250ml bottles.

Phil Smith's motto is 'Be Gorgeous'. It's simple, effective and gets its point across, and quite obviously I was sold! The packaging is bright, garish and in your face, and if it doesn't get your attention I don't know what will. I love the two tone colour scheme!

Shine Brilliance shampoo claims to 'add shine and shimmer to all hair types' with use of 'vitamins and proteins'. Personally, I didn't notice any particular shimmer, but the shine was definitely there and the smell...oh the smell. If you love good smelling shampoos that linger and arn't too fruity, then this is perfect for you. I didn't notice it making my hair greasy or lank either which some shine adding shampoos can do.

SOS Daily Defence conditioner claims to 'restore and protect hair after extensive styling' from the use of 'meadowfoam seed oil'. The conditioner gave its image and concept well with the red and white first aid cross. Much like the shampoo, this conditioner had such a great smell that lingered in your hair all day. I found I had to use quite a bit of the product to get it feeling soft and nourished, but I usually use quite a bit of conditioner on my hair anyway so that might just be me. I had no issues with de-tangling my hair either, which is always a massive bonus.

Overall, I'd have to give a thumbs up to these products. They lasted me ages as the bottles are pretty huge and you get 250mls in each. Each shampoo/conditioner on it's own is £3.99 so to get 2 for £4 was a fabulous deal. Would I buy again? Yes, but probably only if it's on a great deal like it was before. 

-Tamsin xxx

making memories #3

13 November 2011

001. This photo was taken of me sitting in a tiny derelict old chapel which must be hundreds of years old, which sits at a height on a cliff, very near Rame in Cornwall. You have to leave your car and walk through a field of wild horses to get there, and when you do and you see the sunset, it is one of the most beautiful places.

002. The view from my house back at my parents. You can even see the point of my church in the distance. We get the most beautiful sunsets over our house, with a view that goes for ages. Stunning. I always look forward to popping home and taking some nice photos.

003. My Sailor and I before he left to go somewhere or other! Times are hard in a military but believe me, it is worth it. It honestly is! He is my butter when my bread is dry.

004. My brother and I being papped! I think I was taking him to a function somewhere, I can't remember where, but this has since been one of my fave photos of us. My brother and I aren't the closest, but we do have a laugh and he is ok..sometimes ;)

005. My Sailor is in the middle at the front (with a very serious expression on his face!) Pride is just off the scale when I see all the photos of him on divisions (parade). I definitely wouldn't have him pointing that rifle at me though hah.

Well there you go. None of these photos are from the last month, but they're important memories to me, and I was in a very reflective and thankful mood. Have a truly lovely Sunday, and remember to spare a thought for our fallen heroes today.

-Tamsin xxx

A Very Disney Christmas

5 November 2011

I'm sure by now, you all realise that I will never ever grow up and leave my Disney childhood behind. It's my one comfort where I feel safe and secure, and Disney will always be one of my biggest passions. So, it's not really a surprise when I picked up these pyjama bottoms today:

Ok, it is still November, but you'll also be aware by now that I love Christmas and am already very in the mood. I absolutely LOVE these pyjama bottoms. I picked them up from Matalan and they were only £9. They have loads of different Disney style pyjama sets at the moment (as do George at Asda) and they are super warm and snuggly. I always get PJ bottoms a size bigger for extra snuggliness and I am loving them too much! I have never lived as near to a Matalan as I do now, and I'm really starting to love their clothing, and the homeware too - all great value for money!

Does anyone else remember the various Christmas Disney films when they were little? There was Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas, and the Christmas Disney Sing-a-long Songs, but my absolute favourite was 'Mickey's Christmas Carol'. I have managed to locate it on youtube here for anyone who wants to feel nostalgic :)

Have a lovely and safe Bonfire Night all. Guy Fawkes was the only guy who ever entered Parliament with honest intentions so we should celebrate that if not his capture! ;)

-Tamsin xxx


midweek mixture

3 November 2011

001. My gorgeous friend Emily from Beauty My Way sent me a lovely parcel the other day. In it was the cutest card and a HUGE Yankee Candle in 'River Valley' which is one of the new fragrances. It was so so sweet of her and I can't stop smelling the candle (she knows how much I adore Yankee Candle!). It was a late present to welcome me into my new flat which was just so sweet. If you don't follow Emily's blog, check it out! She's a babe!

002. Working in a boarding school as a resident member of staff means we get a day off during the week, which is a massive bonus (as we work weekends). I decided to head off to get my Christmas shopping underway, and boy did I do well. I'm not going to say what presents I got in case any of my family reads this (cheeeeky) but I will show you a little something I bought for myself. I popped into Next Home and came across these cute little Christmas figures. There is a Christmas tree, an angel, and a star. They're clear and once turned on, shine different colours. I thought they would look cute on a windowsill or next to my tv, and they were only £3.50 each! They're also in the 3 for 2 deal at the moment :)

003. I had my first Starbucks Christmas drink today! They were released today (yey!) and it's always when I really feel Winter is here. I sat down and had an egg nog latte, and a turkey, bacon and cranberry panini at lunch, and oh my goshhh was it good. I am overjoyed at the return of the red cups!

Is anyone else starting to get excited about Christmas?! I must admit I do get excited reeeally early! It really is starting to feel like Winter. Wrap up warm guys! Bonfire night is almost here!

-Tamsin xxx

Chanel No.5

2 November 2011

Ladies, I'm sure we all have our favourite perfumes that we love to spritz and spray to keep us smelling gorgeous. So you'll know the feeling when you start to realise your beloved perfume is nearly running out, and you have to resign yourself to the fact you're going to have to splash the cash and spend out to buy another bottle (similar to seeing the pan in an eyeshadow or bronzer!). My all time favourite fragrance is Chanel's iconic No.5. I went through a faze in my teens where I loved having a huge variety of perfumes on my dresser, but in the last few years, I genuinely only wear a small variety of fragrances, but my favourite, everyday and beloved one is No.5. I have had every type of No.5 available - the body wash, the eau de parfum, the handbag spray..everything. It is one of those fragrances that I just love everything about - even the bottle is just the epitome of class. I love pulling it out of my bag (although my bottle is pretty bruised and battered after much use!)

Apparently, a bottle of Chanel No.5 is sold every 30 seconds - amazing. Now I'm not at all clued up with top notes and base notes and the like, but the fragrance is just gorgeous. Apparently it has top notes of Ylang-Ylang, Neroli and Alderhydes, middle notes of Jasmine and Mayrose, and base. notes of Sandalwood and Vetiver. When I spray the fragrance, to me, it's just like spritzing a blast of 'classy and sexy woman without being too provocative.' Plus, the lasting power on No.5 is incredible.

I don't know what else I can say about this perfume to give it more praise. I need it in my life and always will do. No.5 is quite pricey, but my God you get what you pay for. At £86 for my 100ml bottle, it is not the cheapest fragrance you can buy, but in my eyes it's worth every penny.

Which is your all time favourite fragrance that you can't be without?

-Tamsin xxx