Rimmel Vinyl Max Lipgloss in Outrageous

5 October 2011

Ok, I am not going to lie - I am a total lipstick person. I really don't do lipgloss. The minute I apply it, the wind will blow like crazy and I will have hair splattered all across my lips, my hair will be sticky for the rest of the day..ugh. You get the drift. However, when I won Emma's giveaway last month, one of the items I won was a lipgloss. I like to be fair, and the colour looked gorgeous so I thought I'd give it a try. The gloss is in shade 'Outrageous'.

Nothing much to report on packaging - it's pretty much standard Rimmel, but the tube is pretty massive! I do like the transparent plastic on the top of the handle with the Rimmel crown on.

The gloss IS fragranced, but it's not too overpowering or sickly sweet as some lipglosses can be. Rimmel's main feature of this gloss is that the wand is absolutely huge! You pretty much need only one stroke to get a full application, with a couple of touchups, although you could be subject to putting on too much gloss as the wand does hold quite a lot of product. 

Now, stickiness. On a scale of 'lipgloss stickiness', this gloss rates very low, I must admit. It felt more moisturising that sticky, which was a pleasant surprise. I wore this for the day at work and did have to reapply (all those diet cokes and coffees I drink..tsk!) but the staying power is pretty good actually.

The thing that really won me over with this gloss was the colour. The natural peachiness of this shade is just so up my street, and it showed lots of pigmentation without being too orangey or nudey. Absolutely perfect for me.

These glosses are much like the Rimmel Vinyl lipglosses, but the Vinyl Max basically have a bigger wand. They retail for  £5.49 and I really feel that if you like to get money out of a product and you like your lipglosses, this will be a good one to go for - and this is from a non-lipgloss wearer! I think this will be staying in my lip product drawer, as on the days I do want to dig out a lipgloss, this will be the one I choose.

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I might try this gloss out! It looks great too! xx

  2. I'm more lipgloss than lipstick, purely because my lips are so dry that lipstick always looks awful. Stickiness is a big problem with gloss tho! This is a gorgeous colour and looks like you get a lot for your money :) xx

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  3. I like this lipgloss!! Im a fan of Rimmel glosses :) xx

  4. Such a pretty colour.
    I was a lip gloss person but over the past months lipsticks have grown on me XD

  5. omg I just finished blogging about this gloss in the exact same colour, then went blog hopping and found you! I agree as well... I love this gloss, its shiny in a non glittery/diamond/pearl kinda way... its almost milky eh?? I also love the brush cos my lips are quite full, it makes it easier cos I dont have to go back and forth, gets annoying.


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