Girlz Only dry shampoo

21 October 2011

So I mentioned just over a week ago in my 'try buys' post that I was going to test and review a new dry shampoo I picked up in Tesco. The dry shampoo is called Girlz Only in Dawn 'til Dusk. (I think there will be lots of comparisons to Batiste in this review, as you would imagine!)

I'd never heard of Girlz Only before I spotted it. It was definitely the bright packaging that caught my eye. Shiny metallic turquoise, pink and purple would catch anyone's eye I think! On packaging terms, when you stand it next to Batiste, I personally think Girlz Only is more eye catching and to my taste. I love the girly image and bright colours, and if eye catching is what Girlz Only is after, then I think it succeeds in that.

The bottle is only 150ml - slight downside when you compare it to Batiste and their new massive bottles which have 400mls. Batiste did do 150ml bottles, but these were increased to 200ml recently, so the price went up. So if it's price that's important for you, then Girlz Only might just do the trick.

The actual application of Girlz Only was really good I found. It does have the same consistency of Batiste and can come out powdery if you spray too close etc, but this can be expected. I applied the same way I would with Batiste, and the results were great. Even though Batiste does do a variety of fragrances, I would say that Girlz Only wins on the smell front, hands down. 'Dawn 'till Dusk' has a real citrus fragrance that lingers in your hair for absolute hours. It smells more like a perfume than a fragranced dry shampoo. Serious thumbs up in my opinion.

Despite the incredibly pre-teen 'trying-to-be-cool' name, this dry shampoo has won my heart. At £1.50, it's a fab bargain item that every girl can afford and it comes in 3 different frargrances. I just wish Girlz Only would make bigger bottles - then I'd have my perfect dry shampoo. I'm not 100% sure which shops you can get Girlz Only from yet as it's relatively new, but I got mine from quite a large Tesco, so head there and I'm sure you will find it.

Will you give Girlz Only a try?

-Tamsin xxx


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