29 October 2011

I hardly know where to start with this one! So much to include, so I'm splitting it into a couple of posts so there's not too much of an overload! I'm going to try and include different photos for each post so it's not tooo photo heavy!

My wonderful friend Eve who works with Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model invited me the live event with press passes - excited is not the word! So with two invites, my friend Gemma and I got to ExCeL nice and early on Friday to get involved with everything. After receiving lovely goody bags we headed inside to the show.

Now, the atmosphere of this event was absolutely fantastic. It was packed out to the max, and every stall was busy and bustling. When we got in, Amy Childs was on the Kiss catwalk showing off her new range of clothing with some other models. I didn't personally think I'd like many of the pieces, but I surprised myself and some of the dresses and shirts were really lovely. As much as I'm not a TOWIE fan, she did look lovely! Some of the stalls were pretty average - there were some great stalls such as Lauren's Way, GHD and NYX etc, but there also were some stalls which didn't quite fit in in my opinion. From vintage clothes to boutique jewellery to hair dressers and teeth whiteners - there was something there for everyone, and every stall had a deal to be thrown at you!

The main Live Catwalk was absolutely amazing! The male dancers put on a great show (as well as showing us their lovely bodies!) and the BINTM models strutted their stuff perfectly on the catwalk. Jade, this years winner, stood out a mile - she is absolutely stunning. The whole show was electric!

One of the highlights for me was the lovely VIP area, and the Bloggers Bar that we could just walk straight into, grab some tea or coffee was all mind-blowing! All of the staff in the Bloggers Bar with the BINTM team were really lovely and friendly. We were very well looked after, and I met some lovely people.

Gemma and I had an amazing time! BINTM Live is a great event with so much to do and see - even after walking around the exhibition about 30 times, we still came across stalls we hadn't seen before! If you went, I hope you had a great time too, and if you didn't..make sure you sort yourself out some tickets for next time :)

Next posts will be about the items I bought! Keep an eye out!

-Tamsin xxx

ps: don't forget to check out the Southwest Bloggers Event - I've had some VERY exciting news and the plans are amazing - make sure you sign up if you're interested!


  1. ohhh would have loved to have gone, i wish everything wasn't down south! xx

  2. sounds amazing!!!!! looks like such a fun night

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. That looks great, glad you had a nice time :)

  4. I've yet to go to one fo these events. I always get emails through about exhibiting but i don't think i can afford it! :(


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